Algeria 26.12.2010-9.1.2011

Hoggar (Atakor)

Guelta Imlaoulouene

Atakor mountains-made of eroded volcanic vents

constellation Orion rising above Atakor mountains

early morning dawn seen from Assekrem summit

morning dawn and constellation southern cross to the right

first sunlight

spot on

Atakor mountains

where is the track?

flower inside crevice

mountain desert


icicle after a chilly night

spring in the midst of the desert

small waterfall



rock desert



Hirhafok - Djanet

rock engravings

evening color

our guide is preparing tea

aiming to Ouksem crater

desert cricket

Ouksem crater - first hole

Ouksem crater - main hole

pure natron covers the craters floor

glass hard natron spikes

glass hard natron spikes

age-old bonsai sized tree

colors of a new morning

water supply for the next days

collecting and storing firewood

Desert beetle

crater remnant near Amadror flats

colorful pebbles

Erg Tihodaïne


chalk terrace inside Erg Tihodaïne

fallen Menhir

Ifedanouene rock painings in Tassili n’Ajjer

view into central Tassili n’Ajjer

Ifedanouene rock paining

isolated flower gives sharp contrast

erosion art

ancient grave

late afternoon colors

sunset colors

Moon and Venus in morning dawn

first sunlight hits our campsite

one of our cars gives scale

summit panorama

moon crescent with secondary light


local housing

Guelta frog

Oued Dider-sleeping antelope engraving

Oued Dider- curled cow of Tinterhert engraving

mother camel with cub

camel cub

star trails

moon crescent-only 26 hours before new moon

rock formation the seven swords

Butterfly in Djanet

Djanet market



street life



fist sunrays

partial solar eclipse

giraffe as rock engraving

desert pumpkin

our cook is preparing lunch

rock painting

wind erosion forms

natural arch

erosion arch-panoramic view

elephant engravings

sunset with green flash phenomenon

1 day old moon with secondary light

baking bread the traditional way

ancient fragment

ancient mill stone

ancient mortar with mill stone

delicate rock arch

collecting water for the coming days

one of the rare Gueltas in Tadrart

collecting firewood

sand meets eroded rock

2 day old moon crescent with secondary light

north celestial pole seen with long night exposure

sunrise in the dunes

rock painting

slot canyon

water erosion causes small canyon

sunset with green flash phenomenon

first morning light

desert vulture

famous rock engraving -crying cows

Djanet street life

sunset colors

eroded rock pillars near Djanet seen from airplane