D.R. Congo 16.1.2011-25.1.2011

Ethiopia 26.1.2011-2.2.2011

Nyiragongo 20.1.-23.1.

Mountain gorilla tour-south Virungas

young gorilla

silverback mountain gorilla

silverback mountain gorilla


local village

water supply

local childs

local women

typical house

local childs

water supply

boy with self made scooter

preparing stuff for the porters

rangers and porters

ascending porters

lava lake brightens crater walls

lava lake at night

Full moon sky with Venus

crater with full moon behind

crater rim with Mikeno volcano behind

campsite and observer with Goma and full moon behind

lava lake in evening light

increasing activity

lava fountaining

phase with many isolated fountains

fountaining and steaming

complete crater view with observers in front

bursting lava bubble

bursting lava bubble

bursting lava bubble

bursting lava bubble

clear view with edge fountains

lava crust pattern

flowers can survive near rim

lava lake night view

lava lake brightens crater walls

dead bush on crater rim

Virungas in morning dawn

blue hour

our camp in morning dawn

shortly before sunrise

bursting lava bubble

bursting lava bubble


bursting lava bubble

bursting lava bubbles

bursting lava bubble, up to 20m

bursting lava bubble

raven visiting our camp

camp near rim in daylight

observers watching the lava lake below

steep crater walls

clear crater view

moon halo above lava lake

camp with Goma below

lava lake pattern

morning dawn on western crater rim

lava lake seen from western rim

northwestern rim with Nyamuragira volcano behind

senecio plants

ranger in front of broken hut

big lava shred hanging in a tree branch

view back to Nyiragongo summit

tree mold

Nyiragongo seen from base station

porters finishing their job

boat on the Rwanda side of lake Kivu

hot springs on the Rwanda side of lake Kivu

local bird

group of fishermen

local child

Nyiragongo seen from eastern side

Rwanda village

tea farming in Rwanda

Virunga volcanoes in Rwanda

Nyiragongo at night

back to Kigali


video clip-

Nyiragongo lava fountaining

video clip-

Nyiragongo lava fountaining

Nyiragongo lava lake in real time

Nyiragongo lava lake as time lapse movie


Erta Ale 28.1.-31.1.

flight to Mekele

driving down into the Danakli depression

Berahile village

negotiating Afar

flat tire

Ahmedela village

Salt mining caravan


Salt mining camel caravan

better to sleep outside due to hot temperatures


daily water supply for the locals

packing one of our cars

on the way to Erta Ale

desolate desert village surrounded by dust

Erta Ale seen after sunset from the trailhead

Erta Ale summit with moon in morning dawn

north crater with glowing hornito

lava lake inside new pit crater


daylight view of new pit

north crater overview

inside north crater

north crater hornito

sulfur deposits on fresh lava

silvery crust in daylight

silvery crust with bursting lava bubble

lava fountain

view to neighbour volcano

new pit crater with lava lake inside

north crater panorama

lava pattern

lava lake at night

lava lake brightened steam in morning dawn with moon and Venus behind

new cone with recent lavaflows

abundant Peles hair

abundant Peles hair

strombolians distorted due to extremely hot air

lake fountains

lava lake as time lapse movie


leaving Erta Ale


Afar police man

back to Ahmedela village

local bakery


Dallol 27.1. and 1.2.

salt mining under wet conditions

shaping salt for transportation

Dallol hot springs with abundant water

old salt hornito

differend shades of green - saltwater terraces

small salt islands

Geysir inside salt pond

saltwater terraces

saltwater terraces

different shades of green saltwater

yellow salt lake

salt island with spring inside

growing salt terraces

active salt hornito

big salt cone

flooded salt lake

first car far ahead

Dallol second visit

salt crystals

active salt hornito

active salt hornito