ALPS 2009

Note: All tours in solo climb without rope.

This is a personal philosophy which developed over decades now and should not be a general example.

For accidents caused by imitation no responsibility can be assumed.

Brennkopf (1353m)

Austria-Chiemgauer Alps, 26.4.09

Day tour from Walchsee, easy walk.

sunrise at Walchsee

Zahmer Kaiser in first sunlight

Guffert (2195m)

Austria-Tirol-Rofan, 23.5.09

Day tour from Steinberg, 2,3h ascent, easy walk.

Guffert in early morning light

Guffert summit with sea of fog below

flowering Gentian

Ptarmigan in summer plumage

Brunnenkogel (3325m)

Austria-Tirol-Stubai, 12.7.09

Day tour from Gries, 5h ascent via sw-flank, easy climb (grade I+), easier than it looks.

view to Wilde Leck

Brunnenkogel with ascent flank

view from summit into approaching snowshower

Silvrettahorn (3244m)

Austria-Vorarlberg-Silvretta, 16.7.09

Day tour from Bielerhöhe, 4h ascent with crossing of Schneeglocke (3223m) and Konten (3190m), easy climb (grade 1).

ascend route to Schneeglocke via Klostertaler glacier

view to Litzner and Seehorn

view from Schneeglocke to Silvrettahorn and Piz Buin behind

view from Konten to western part of Silvretta

Piz Buin seen from Silvrettahorn summit

Silvrettahorn summit

alpine rose

Silvretta lake

Äußere Schwarze Schneide (3257m)

Austria-Tirol, Ötztaler Alps, 2.8.09

Day tour from Tiefenbachferner road, 3,5h ascent via s-ridge, easy climb (grade I), summit rock very exposed.

view to Innere Schwarze Schneide

view to Ramolkogel range

view from summit to Wildspitze range

small melting lake with west-summit behind

Hoher Tenn (3368m)

Austria-Tirol, Hohe Tauern, 6.8.09

Day tour from Kaprun-lake, 4h ascent with crossig of Kempsenkopf (3090m), Bauernbrachkopf (3125m), Kleiner Tenn (3155m) and Schneespitz (3318m), easy climb (grade I) but sometimes iced fresh snow.

view to Wiesbachhorn with Kaindlgrat

Hoher Tenn and Kaprun below seen from Schneespitz-ascent

Wiesbachhorn range seen from main summit

Fuscherkarkopf (3336m) -Sonnwelleck (3266m)

Austria-Tirol, Hohe Tauern, 8.8.09

Day tour from Franz-Josefshaus, with side trip to Sonnwelleck, easy climb (grade I), sometimes fixed rope route, slightly exposed.

Wiesbachhorn range seen from Hochalpenstrasse

Fuscherkarkopf and Hohe Dock seen from Hochalpenstrasse

view from Fucherkarkopf summit to Sonnwelleck

Wiesbachhorn range seen from Sonnwelleck

Fuscherkarkopf summit

Großglockner with Pasterze glacier to the west

on the way back to Franz-Josefshaus


Muntanitz (3232m)

Austria-Tirol, highest mountain of Granatspitzgruppe, 15.8.09

Day tour from Tuxer Alm, 4,5h ascent via Kl. Muntanitz, easy walk.

view from Kleiner Muntaniz to main summit (to the right)

Muntaniz summit

Großglockner view, famous Stüdlgrat to the right

just crossed Kleiner Muntanitz to the right


high mountain plants

small glacier lake


Rofelewand (3354m)

Austria-Tirol, Kaunergrat, 17.8.09

Day tour from Piösmes, Arzler Alm, 4,1h ascent via Totenferner and east-summit, easy, but very exposed climb (grade II) with steep terrain.

One of the most impressive austrian mountains,  not very often visited.

Rofelewand in first sunlight with approaching raincloud

ascending Totenferner-a very lonesome place

view to main summit while climbing east summit

back view to just climbed east summit


view to south part of Kaunergrat range

view back to Rofelewand (right side) after descent


Hintere Schwärze (3628m) - Similaun (3606m)

Italy-Pfossental, 19.8.09

2 day tour with high mountain biwak from Vorderkaser, easy climb day: 4h ascent to Mittlere Marzellspitze (3530m) via S-flank, crossing Östliche Marzellspitze (3555m) and climbing Hintere Schwärze via W-ridge, easy climb (two steps grade II), later tent-night 20m below Mitt. Marzellspitze. day: crossing Westliche Marzellspitze (3540m), climbing Similaun (3606m) and crossing Hintere Faulwand (3413m).

Hintere Schwärze summit

Östliche Marzellspitze summit, only a minor snow shoulder

climbing H. Schwärze west rim

my tent 20m below Mittlere Marzellspitze

afternoon view to Similaun and Westl. Marzellspitze

mountain shadow with Lodner in last sunlight

view back to Hintere Schwärze

view to Seelenkogel range

sunset behind Westl. Marzellspitze

colors of sunset

sunrise behind Texelgruppe

first sunlight on Similaun with earths shadow behind


view to Wildspitze with Marzellferner below

typical houses in Vorderkaser


Hochgall (3436m)

Italy, highest mountain of Rieserfernergruppe, 24.8.09

Day tour, 5,3h ascent from Rain via Graues Nöckl and north ridge, easy climb (grade I), sometimes loose rocks.

north face - climbing ridge

Hochgall summit

south view into the Dolomites

view to Venediger range


back view to Hochgall



Piz Buin (3312m)

Austria -Vorarlberg-Silvretta range, 19.9.09

Day tour, 5,2h ascent from Bieler Höhe, easy, but very demanding climb (grade II) alongside whole Wiesbadner Grätle due to glacier meltdown caused crevasses and freshly exposed loose rock walls

Piz Buin summit

north view with Ochsentaler glacier below

view to Silvrettahorn

backview to Piz Buin


Ochsental glacier



Wilde Leck (3361m)

Austria -Tirol - Stubai range, 22.9.09

Day tour, 4,5h ascent from Gries, easy climb (grade II) via south wall, very steep but surprisingly low exposed

first sunlight with Wilde Leck at the right side

climbing Sulztalferner with view to Schrankogel

view down with the famous east ridge

Wilde Leck summit, south wall below


view to Kaunergrat range

view to Hochstubai with Zuckerhütl behind


Rötspitze (3495m) - Dreiherrnspitze (3499m)

Austria - Tirol - Venedigergruppe - Virgenvalley, 26.-27.9.09

2 day tour from Streden. day: climbing Rötspitze via northeast ridge, exposed and fresh-snow-covered climb (grade II), night at Kl. Philipp-Reuter Biwak. day: climbing Dreiherrnspitze via new south-route, possible due to glacier retreat, easy climb with grade II at lower glacier striations.

NW-ridge-a line of multiple snow saddles and steep rock

Rötspitze summit

view to Dreiherrnspitze

Philipp Reuter Biwak-hut

first sunrays at Dreiherrn-Spitze-trying new route - fall line below the summit in left part of the image

view back to Rötspitze while climbing lower Umbal Kees

view to Gubach Spitze from new S-route

the new S-route meets the traditional Althaus route,

Rötspitze behind

only 200m of altitude more to the summit

view to Malham Spitze

Dreiherrenspitze summit

view to east with Großglockner far behind

Dolomites not far away in the south

passing house sized crevasse while descending Althaus Kees

famous Umbalfälle


Großvenediger (3667m)

Austria - Tirol - highest mountain of Venedigergruppe, 3.-4.10.09

2 day tour from Prägraten, easy climb but very cold and stormy in the morning dawn. day: crossing Kreuz-Spitze (3164m) and Tulp-Spitze (3054m), ascending to Defregger Hütte . day: crossing Hoher Zaun (3467m) , Schwarze Wand (3511m), Rainer Horn (3560m)

and climbing Goßvenediger (3667m), down via Hohes Aderl (3504m) .

Night at the Defregger Hütte winterroom.

1 hour completely alone (!) at the normally very crowded Großvenediger summit due to late season and very early climb.

on route to Kreuz-Spitze

southern view to Rote Saile

Kreuzspitze summit

view back to Kreuzspitze

Tulp-Spitze summit

Defregger Hütte

Rainer Horn at sunset

full Moon rising

full Moon with Weiß-Spitze

Hoher Zaun summit at dawn

Moonset behind Rainer Horn, Großvenediger and Schwarze Wand seen from Hoher Zaun

view down to Schlaten Kees

Rainer Horn with earths shadow behind

Moonset behind Venediger-summits with earths shadow

early sunrays hitting Kristallwand

Rainer Horn in first sunlight

Kleinvenediger above Schlaten Kees

just crossed Schwarze Wand seen from Rainer Horn ascent

Rainer Horn summit

Dreiherrn Spitze mountain range to the left and Großvenediger to the right

view to Rötspitze from Großvenediger summit

Großvenediger summit with Großglockner behind

view to Dreiherrnspitze

southern view

Großvenediger summit sign

Hohes Aderl summit

view from Hohes Aderl to Rainer Horn

crossing Mullwitz Kees crevasses


Weiß-Spitze view

colors of fall


Großglockner (3798m)

Austria - Hohe Tauern - highest mountain of Austria, 7.10.09

Day tour, 3h ascent from Lucknerhaus via Mürztaler Steig and Adlersruhe, easy and slightly exposed climb (grade I+)

1 hour completely alone (!) at the normally very crowded summit due to late season and very early climb

Summit seen from ridge below Adlersruhe

just climbed Ködnitzkees below

view from Hofmannskees to Fuscherkarkopf

upper Pasterze Glacier basin

on the way to Kleinglockner with Großglockner behind

Großgockner summit

northern view down to Hofmannsspitze

view down along famous Stüdlgrat

summit view

climbing down via Kleinglockner

view to Wiesbachhorn in the east

Pasterze Glacier below


south-view to Schobergruppe-mountains


Petzeck (3283m)

Austria - Kärnten - highest mountain of Schobergruppe 27.10.09

Day tour, 5h ascent from Seichenbrunn, easy but long and strenuous climb due to abundant snow

Glödis in first morning light

colors of fall

Wangenitz-lake in the morning

view from the plateau below the summit to Hochschober

south view

Petzeck summit

northern view to Großglockner

view down to Wangenitz-lake

Lavarella (3034m) - Cunturines (3064m)

Italy - Dolomites - Fanes 31.10.09

Day tour, 4h ascent from Cap. Alpina via Vallon de Lavares , easy climb, fixed rope route to Cunturines, snowy, windy and cold conditions

Cunturines massive seen from east, Gran Plan

Cunturines from Vallon de Lavares

west-view to Sella massiv from saddle between summits

southwest-view to Marmolada

view from summit to north, Fanes Alpe below

LaVarella summit

east-view to Tofana di Rozes

above the inversion layer

climbing Cunturines via northwest side

Cunturines summit with Sella massiv behind

view to the 3 Tofanas

view to Monte Pelmo


Gran Plan with Cima del Lago


Große Arnspitze (2196m)

Austria - Wetterstein 7.11.09

3h ascent from Scharnitz, easy climb but strenuous due to fresh snow

west-view near summit to Kl. Arnspitze and Hohe Munde

winter wonder land

Isar river with Arnspitze behind

Pleisenspitze (2567m)

Austria - Karwendel 14.11.09

4h ascent from Scharnitz, easy walk but strenuous due to crusted snow

Hohe Munde and Arnspitze in first light

at the summit

view from summit to west, Zugspitze

Pleisenspitze seen from Scharnitz

Gödisspitze (3206m)

Austria - Kärnten - 'Matterhorn' of Schobergruppe 22.11.09

Day tour, 4h ascent from Seichenbrunn, easy climb due to fixed rope route but strenuous due to abundant snow

Gödisspitze in first light

at the summit

view from summit to east part of Schobergruppe, Petzeck behind

west view with Prijakt (left) and Hochschober  (right)


Großvenediger to the northwest

view to Ralfkopf