ALPS 2011

Note: All tours in solo climb without rope.

This is a personal philosophy which developed over decades now and should not be a general example.

For accidents caused by imitation no responsibility can be assumed.

Roßstein (1697m) and Buchstein (1698m)

Germany-Mangfall Alps, 12.3.11

Day tour from Bayerwald, easy climb (grade I).

Roßstein seen from Buchstein

Buchstein summit

Buchstein seen from Roßstein

Spring vegetation

Planskopf (2804m)

Austria-Samnaun Alps, 10.4.11

Day tour from Serfaus, easy but snowy.

Route crosses the Ob. Sattelkopf (2596m), Hint. Sattelkopf (2670mm) and Brunnenkopf (2682m)


view to Furgler

flowering alpine vegetation


Muttler (3294m)

Switzerland-Samnaun Alps, 17.4.11

Day tour from Samnaun, easy climb via N-ridge, down via SW-ridge, extremely snowless for this time of the year.

N-ridge ascent

summit view to Ortler Alps

view from summit to east

Stammerspitze to the west

Treffauer (2306m)

Austria-Tirol-Wilder Kaiser, 23.4.11

Day tour from Scheffau, easy climb but hard and steep snowpatches.

morning view to Venediger range

view to Ellmauer Halt

Treffauer summit

alpine vegetation

Gehrenspitze (2367m)

Austria-Tirol, Wetterstein Alps, 25.4.11

Day tour from Klamm/Leutasch, sidetrip to Kirchl (2250m), easy climb.

view to Hohe Munde

view to N

Sun above summit

final steps to the summit

Vesul-Spitze (3089m)

Austria-Samnaun Alps, 30.4.11

Day tour from Ischgl, easy, but partly exposed and steep climb with steep snow (grade I-II).

morning fog layer below

view to Verwall-range

Vesulspitze summit

summit view to west

Wendelstein (1838m)

Germany-Mangfall Alps, 2.5.11

Day tour, easy walk.


view to summit

Alpine gentian


Breithorn (4149m) - Castor (4228m) - Pollux (4092m)

Switzerland-Walliser Alps, 2.7.-3.7.11

2 day tour from Zermatt day: Breithorn ascent from Kl. Matterhorn, easy walk, night in Biv. Rossie Volante day: Castor ascent via W flank, easy but partly steep snow, Pollux ascent via SW ridge, steep, partly fixed rope climb (grade II).

view to Matterhorn

view to Weisshorn range

270° summit panorama

Biv. Rossi e Volante

view from Bivacco

evening view to Castor

Castor summit ridge

W flank ascent route

summit view to S

view to Matterhoirn and Weisshorn

view to Matterhorn with Breithorn in front

view to Weisshorn

crossing the Bergschrund

summit view from Pollux to Monte Rosa range with Castor to the right

view to Mischabel range

view to Dufourspitze

me at the Pollux summit

Biv. Rossi e Volante to the upper right


view back to Pollux and Castor

view back to Breithorn


Gr. Seehorn (3121m)

Austria-Tirol, Silvretta Alps, 16.7.11

Day tour from Bielerhöhe, ascent via NW-ridge, side trip to Kl. Seehorn (3032m),

easy, but partly steep and exposed climb (grade II+).

Großlitzner (left) and Gr. Seehorn (right)

view to Großlitzner

Gr. Seehorn NW-ridge with Großlitzner behind

view to Großlitzner

Gr. Seehorn summit

view to N with Seegletscher below

view from Kl. Seehorn summit

view back to Kl. Seehorn

Ortler (3905m)

Austria, highest mountain of Ortler Alps, 31.7.-1.8.11

2 day tour from Sulden, easy but partly exposed climb (grade II+) with steep snow parts, fresh snow. day: ascent to Lombardi Biwak. day: night climbing via normal route for sunrise at the top, but no sight due to fog, waited 2h alone till it cleared up.

N-ridge view, normal route to the left

summit after sunrise

sometimes the fog lifts for a few moments

after 2h it ceared up, Ortlerplatt glacier below


W-view to Bernina range with fog aureole below

SE-view to Königsspitze and Cevedale

S-view to Ortleralps

view back to summit

some crevasses...

...on the way


Ortlerplatt breaking off


view back to normal route



Gr. Hafner (3076m)

Austria-Hohe Tauern, Hafnerrange, 3.9.11

Day tour, ascent from Maltatal, easy climb.

small glacier to the N

Gr. Hafner summit

view to E


Civetta (3220m) - Monte Pelmo (3168m)

Italy-Dolomites, Civetta and Ampezzaner ranges, 9.-11.9.11

3 day tour from Forcella Staulanza. day: climbing to Rifugio Torrani via Lago Coldai, easy fixed rope route. day: climbing Civetta, sunrise on top, side trip to Cima di Tome (3004m), descent to Staulanza and traversing to Rifugio Venezia. day: climbing Monte Pelmo, easy but partly very exposed climb (Ball-Band) (grade I+).

view to Civetta range

Lago Coldai with Civetta walls

evening view to SE

evening view into Civetta range

evening view to Mt. Pelmo

view to Antelao

view to NE

view to Mt. Pelmo summit

night view to Pelmo and Antelao

night view to SE

Civetta summit before sunrise

morning dawn

sunrise behind Antelao

first sunrays with Pala range behind

Marmolada S-wall

Langkofel and Sella range

view to S with Cima di Tome below

view to Pelmo

view to S from Cima di Tome

view to W from Ball-Band

view to S from Ball-Band

view to E, Antelao with sunrise, from Ball-Band

Pelmo summit panorama view to S

view to Civetta range


view back to Monte Pelmo


Hocharn (3254m)

Austria-Hohe Tauern, Goldberg range, 16.9.11

Day tour, starting from Hochtor with crossing of:

Ht. Modereck (2932m), Herbertturm (2971m), Noespitze (3010m), Krummelkeeskopf ( 3103m), Hocharn (3254m), Goldzechkopf (3072m). Descent via Kl.-fleißtal. Easy climb (grade I), but partly brittle and steep due to excessive glacial retreat.

morning view to Schobergruppe

view to N

view from summit to E with Sonnblick summit in the middle

view to Sonnblick

Roter Knopf (3281m) - Gr. Hornkopf (3251m)

Austria - Hohe Tauern, Schobergruppe, 1.-2.10.11

2 day tour, crossing from Luckner Haus to Putschall. day: ascent via Tschadinhorn (3017m) and Böses Weibl (3121m) to Elberfelder Hut, evening trip to Roter Knopf, night descent to Hut. day: crossing of Kl. Hornkopf (3188m) via Klammerscharte to Gr. Hornkopf, descent via Klammerscharte and Gradental.

Easy climb, only Klammerscharte from N via Gößnitzkees very steep snow, Hornköpfe partly exposed (grade II).

morning view to Böses Weibl

N view to Großglockner

Tschadinhorn summit

view to SE from B. Weibl summit

Roter Knopf (right) and Hornköpfe (mid left) seen from B. Weibl

Hornköpfe and Klammerköpfe seen from Roter Knopf

view to Wiesbachhorn range

Roter Knopf summit

view to NE from Roter Knopf

Gr. Hornkopf summit

view from Klammerscharte down to the ascent route via Gößnitzkees



descent via Gradental

colors of fall


Hochrinnegg (3027m)

Austria - Ötztaler Alps, Kaunergrat, 6.10.11

Day tour from Feichten/Verpeil Alm. Ascent via S-flank and E ridge, easy climb (partly grade I+).

view to Dristkogel

view to Hochrinneg from pre-summit

view to Weisskugel and Weisseespitze

view to Rofelewand from pre-summit

panoramic view to Kaunergrat range, Gsallkopf, Rofelewand, Verpeilspitze, Schwabenkopf, Watze

colors of fall

Hochschober (3240m) - H. Prijakt (3064m)

Austria - Hohe Tauern, Schobergruppe, 14.-15.10.11

2 day tour from Oberleibnig. day: Hochschober ascent via Hochschoberhütte, night at the Hut. day: crossing of Hoher Prijakt to Niederer Prijakt (3056m), descent via Hochschober Hut.

Easy climb, but partly bone hard snow flanks which took many hours more then expected to deal with (grade I+ due to bypassings).

ascent view to Prijakte

winter hut

aiming to Hochschober summit

S-view to Prijakte

view to SE

Hochschober summit

evening view to Prijakte

early morning view to Hochgall with fogged valleys

early morning view with fogged valleys

view to Hochschober

view to central Schobergruppe

view to S

dominant Glödis to NE

view back to Niederer Prijakt

frozen branches

Gartner Wand (2377m)

Austria - Lechtaler Alps, 23.10.11

Day tour, ascent from Lermoos, crossing Grubigstein (2233m), easy, partly snowy climb.

view E to Zugspitze range


ridge walk

view E to Zugspitze range

Hochwanner (2745m)

Austria -Tirol - Wettersteingebirge, 28.10.11

Day tour, ascent from Leutasch/Gaistal, easy climb (grade I-) but loose gravel and icy parts.

colors of fall

view to Zugspitze plateau

Hochwanner summit

view to Mieminger range

Leutascher Dreitorsp. (2689m) - Partenkirchener Dreitorsp. (2633m)

Austria/Germany - Wettersteingebirge, 30.10.11

Day tour from Reindlau, ascent and descent via Berglenklamm, easy climb, partly deep snow, strenuous.

Ascent of Leutascher Dreit. via steep E snow-coloir and icy N-ridge (grade I+), Partenk. Dreit. via fixed rope route.

Leutascher Dreitorspitze

view to SE

view to E, below ascended snow coloir

view W to Zugspitze

SW-view to Mieminger range

ascent to Partenkirchener Dreitorspitze

S-view back to Leutascher Dreitorspitze from summit

view to Arnspitzen from Berglenklamm

Ackerlspitze (2329m)  - Maukspitze (2231m)

Austria - Tirol, Wilder Kaiser, 1.11.11

Day tour from Going, ascent via Hochsessel, crossing of Maukspitze, easy (grade I), partly exposed climb.

first sunlight

patches of fog in the valley

ascent route via Hochsessel (mid of image)

rockfall generating Chamois groups

view from Hochsessel to SW

E view from Ackerlspitze, Maukspitze below

W view with central Wilder Kaiser range

alpine chough

view back to Ackerlspitze from Maukspitze

Maukspitze summit


Ehrwalder Sonnenspitze (2412m)

Austria - Tirol - Mieminger range, 4.11.11

Day tour, ascent from Ehrwald, easy climb (grade I).

summit with Zugspitze range behind

S-view from summit

Seebensee with Zugspitze behind


Hochwand (2719m)

Austria - Tirol - Mieminger range, 6.11.11

Day tour, ascent from Straßberg, easy climb (grade I), but exposed with loose gravel.

first sunlight

colors of fall

Hohe Munde to the E

W-view to main ridge of Mieminger range



Straßberg chapel


Gr. Bettelwurf (2726m)

Austria - Tirol - Karwendel range 10.11.11

Day tour, ascent from Halltal, crossing of Kl. Bettelwurf (2650m), then really steep fixed rope route to main summit, otherwise easy climb.

morning light

view to main summit, fixed rope route in mid of image

view back to Kl. Bettelwurf

summit view to W

Schlicker Seespitze (2804m)

Austria - Tirol - Kalkkögel range 12.11.11

Day tour, ascent from Kemater Alm, N-ascent very snowy, but good foottraces, so easy climb. Afterward sidetrip to Gamskogel (2659m).

at the summit

summit panorama viewing to S

view to main Stubai range

view back from Gamskogel

view E, Olperer behind

southern part of Kalkkögel range


Hochkönig (2941m)

Austria - Salzburg, Berchtesgadener Alps 13.11.11 (one of the geographic most prominent mountains of the Alps)

Day tour, ascent from Dientner Sattel via Birgkar (observed really dangerous rockfall on the upper part !), descent via Ochsenkar, easy climb but very strenuous due to many parts with bone hard snow.

first sunlight on the summit

ascending Birgkar

view down the rockfall endangered Birgkar route

crossing the summit plateau (übergossene Alm)... a long way and takes its time

famous Torsäule above Ochsenkar

view back to Torsäule

typical S-side of Hochkönig

Westliche Griesspitze (2741m)

Austria - Tirol - Mieminger range 17.11.11

Day tour, ascent from Mieming, easy, but very long and strenuous climb due to continuing exposed terrain with loose gravel.

Due to bypassing of snowfield in steep rock Grade II+

fist morning sunlight

seldom visited summit


view down to Ehrwalder Sonnenspitze

Kruckelkopf (3181m) - H. Perschitzkopf (3125m) - Keeskopf (3081m)

Austria - Hohe Tauern - Schobergruppe 19.-20.11.11

2 day tour from Seichenbrunn. day: ascent via Wangenitzsee hut to Kruckelkopf, night at the hut. Easy, but snowy, strenuous climb. day: night ascent via S-ridge to Perschitzkopf (easy climb, grade I), impressive sunrise at the top,

down and traverse to Keeskopf (easy climb but partly steep snow).



view from Kruckelkopf to Hochschober

evening view to E from the hut

sunrise seen from Perschitzkopf summit

Hochschober in first sunlight with earths shadow behind

Großglockner in first sunlight

Glödis in first sunlight

Glödis (left) and Keeskopf (right) in first sunlight


N-view, Hornköpfe to the right

Perschitzkopf summit

Hochschober view

again Glödis

Großglockner view

penitent snow, a rare thing in the Alps

on the way to Keeskopf

passing Niedere Gradenscharte

Keeskopf summit

Ibex group

back in the valley


Keeskogel (3291m) - Bachmayr Spitze (3119m)

Austria - Hohe Tauern - Venediger range 24.-25.11.11

2 day tour from Neukirchen. day: ascent partly with bike to Kürsinger hut, easy, but snowy and cold climb to Keeskogel summit, sunset and night descent to hut. day: night ascent to Bachmayr Spitze, easy climb (grade I) but partly weak snow.

view to Großvenediger

view to Großvenediger from Keeskogel summit

view to N

E view to Großglockner range

Keeskogel summit with Großvenediger to the right

sunset to the W

Wiesbachhorn with Earths shadow behind

Gr. Geiger with Dolomites behind

Keeskogel before sunrise seen from Bachmayr Spitze

near Bachmayr Spitze summit

view to Gr. Geiger


first sunlight on top of Dreiherrenspitze range

view to Schlieferspitze


Erlspitze (2405m)

Austria - Tirol - Karwendel 27.11.11

Day tour, ascent from Scharnitz partly with bike, W-ridge fixed rope route, partly icy snow, otherwise easy climb.

ascent to Eppzirler Scharte

craggy landscape typical for this area

near Erlspitze summit

rock spires


huge ice crystals (4cm) due to 2 months of precipitation free weather


Saykogel (3360m)  - Kreuzspitze (3457m)

Austria - Tirol - Ötztaler Alps 1.-2.12.11

2 day tour from Vent. day: ascent via Martin Busch hut, easy climb to Saykogel, but very strenuous due to partly weak and deep snow deposits. day: night ascent to Kreuzspitze, beautiful sunrise, easy climb but near summit hard and icy snow. Very cold.

Comment: 2 months of abnormal clear and dry weather resulting in extremely snowpoor conditions for this late time of the year allowed my highest alpine climb ever in December.

Saykogel summit view to SW

S-view to Fineilspitze

Fineilspitze (left) and Weisskugel (right)

Similaun to the left

early morning view to E, Spiegelkogel to the right

Similaun with lenticularis clouds


Kreuzspitze summit

N-view, penitent snow in front

Wildspitz range behind

Weisskugel in first light

view to Fineilspitze, Saykogel below

Wildspitze behind

Kreuzspitze E-summit

penitent snow, grown after months of dry and sunny weather

gravel road to hut, partly covered by excessive ice accumulations due to abnormal dry weather