Australia/Queensland 11.11.2012-17.11.2012

from Cairns to Palmerville - Total Solar Eclipse 14.11.2012

Road Train in Chillagoe

typical Outback near Palmerville

Milky Way with Zodiacal light after dusk

Magellanic Clouds

Milky Way

Milky Way with Zodiacal light

Milky Way with Zodiacal light before dawn, Fisheye view

early dawn, Fisheye view

our eclipse observation site near Palmerville

partial eclipsed sunrise

partial eclipsed sunrise

beginning of totality - video

Diamond Ring - beginning of totality

Solar Corona

digitally filtered Corona

Solar Corona

mid eclipse view

mid of total eclipse - fisheye view

total eclipse fisheye video

Diamond Ring - end of totality

cows felt disturbed by eclipse


dry riverbed

eroded rock formation near Chillagoe

spire shaped Termite mounds

Termite mounds

Termite mounds with cows

eroded rocks


eroded rocks

circular Termite mound


North Queensland - tropical Eastcoast

coastline around Port Douglas

coastline near Trinity Bay

sugar cane field

Ferry crossing Daintree river

Cape Tribulation coast

Cape Tribulation coast

Cape Tribulation coast

tree roots

spider with web

rainforest meets sea

epiphyte plant

high tide

tree sponges


Mangrove forest

palm fruits

Alexandra Bay

Alexandra Bay

back with the Ferry

Daintree river

Daintree river

Daintree river



Mangrove roots

young Crocodile



Mangrove forest near Cairns

Mangrove roots

mudskipper (upper left)




fiddler crab


Barrier Reef - diving

diving group