CHILE 11.5.2011-8.6.2011

6x6ooo - Project 6 peaks above 6000m as solo climb in 11 days:


1. Aucanquilcha (6143m) 25.5.

San Pedro and San Pablo Volcanoes seen from S, from  the Calama-Ollagüe road

San Pedro and San Pablo Volcanoes seen from NW, from  the Calama-Ollagüe road

Salar de Ascotan, Vicuna group

Salar de Ascotan

Salar de Carcote with Aucanquilcha behind

climbing Aucanquilcha in the afternoon

view from W-summit to E-summit

view to the S

Aucanquilcha W-summit

evening light on Ollagüe Volcano

evening light

evening light illuminating Ollagüe Volcano

sunset colors

cinder cone with Aucanquilcha behind

Mine field warnings...


2. + 3. San Pedro (6167m) and San Pablo (6141m) 26.5.-28.5.

driving the N-flank as far as it goes, up to 4300m

high camp at 5250m

San Pedro volcano in evening light

climbing San Pedro Volcano

San Pablo seen from summit

summit plateau of San Pedro

summit view to E

summit view to S

myself at the summit of San Pedro

climbing ridge to San Pablo volcano

view to San Pedro volcano from San Pablos N-ridge

final meters to the summit in snow

summit view to W, San Pedro

summit view to S

summit view to N

view to San Pedro while descending San Pablo

descending the N-flank back to the car

back view to San Pedro

evening light on San Pablo

evening light on San Pedro

curch of ChiuChiu village

ChiuChiu village

view back to San Pedro-San Pablo



on the way from Calama to Colchane 29.5.11.

Oasis inmidst of the desert

desert road to the north

ultra resistant endemic tamarugo desert trees

Gigante de Atacama Geoglyphs

dune field

cacti on the way to the highland

Mountains above Colchane village


Puchuldiza Geyser field 29.5. - 30.5.

main Geyser with rainbow

main Geyser with rainbow

water droplets of permanent active main Geyser are freezing in the night and building big ice deposits

boiling pot

main Geyser at sunset

main Geyser at sunset

main Geyser at sunset

second Geyser, active for a few seconds each 15 minutes

second Geyser

main Geyser

second Geyser with rainbow

main Geyser

steam from many vents

heavier and steamier phase

very first moment of second Geyser eruption

second Geyser in full eruption

sinter terraces

hot spring

boiling pot

plant under the permanent ice rain

ice deposits from main Geyser

hot spring

lava erosion on the way back

typical accident memorial near the road

cacti before reaching low land desert


mountain desert on the way back to the coastal area


Lauca parque 31.5. - 5.6.

4. Guallatiri (6063m) 31.5.

Parinacota above lago Chungara

view to Acotango

afternoon climb, clouds with snowshowers rolling in

summit view to S

main summit with famous fumarole

summit view to the Payachatas

summit view to E

at the base camp in 5150m

sunset colors

Payachatas to the N

view back to Guallatiri

5. Parinacota (6342m) 1.6.-2.6.

Parinacota above lago Chungara

lago Chungara with Quimsachata range behind

view to the Condoriri range

aiming to the saddle between the Payachatas for climbing

view to Pomerape from climbing base point

collecting snow for cooking water

my high camp at 5200m

evening light on Pomerape

sunset seen from high camp

ascending N-flank, Sajama behind

view to Pomerape summit

bolivian climber, arriving from the E-side

panoramic view of summit crater

summit rim with 2 climbers, met by chance

myself at the rim

panoramic view of summit crater

view to Pomerape

dust devil

view back to Pomerape while descending to the car

last sunrays on top of the Payachatas

Large Magellanic Cloud galaxy

Milky Way with southern cross

constellation Scorpius above Parinacota

6. Pomerape (6240m) 3.6.-4.6.

Pomerape summit

Yareta plants with Payachatas behind

Condoriri range

Pomerape N-side

Sajama view

nameless rock

my high camp at 5300m

view to N, before arriving at the main glacier

view to Sajama from border of summit plateau

view to SW from summit plateau

panoramic view of summit plateau

view to SE from summit plateau

N-side glacier

huge icepillars on Pomerapes N-flank

view to Sajama

Condoriri range to the N

on the way back to Arica 5.6.-6.6.

Condoriri range

startrailing around celestial S-pole, Payachatas below

Parinacota morning view

Pomerape morning view

view back to the Payachatas

church of Caquena village


small bird island

Parinacota church

Lagunas de Cotacotani

Yareta plant with Lagunas Cotacotani

Lagunas de Cotacotani with Payachatas

panoramic view


Putre village

cactus candelabro area

cactus candelabro area

green farmland on the bottom of the desert valleys

Geoglyphs near Arica