CHILE 24.11.2009-9.12.2009

Chaiten 27.11.-2.-12.

Puerto Montt

Fisher boats

curious Sealion

Puerto Montt skyline

night Ferry to Chaiten

first view to steaming dome of volcan Chaiten

north view to steaming dome with devastated forest

climbing north side to the caldera rim

view from the rim to west

panoramic view of the caldera with new dome in the middle

intensely steaming dome

remnants of trees directly at the rim

Chaiten village with steaming dome behind

moonlight scene at night

steaming and glowing dome at night

Chaiten village overview

Lahar buried boat

Lahar buried house

inside view

all houses near the river are buried by lahar deposits

inside Chaiten

animal skull, no Humans were dying

typical landscape further to the south

typical plants of this area


Fern vegetation

typical vegetation around Chaiten village

Sta. Barbara bay

damaged Chaiten house near river

flooded car

typical height of deposits is around 1 meter

this house drifted hundreds of meters

modern technology...

devastated house with volcano behind

devastated houses with steaming dome behind

south side view of steaming dome

steaming dome in afternoon sunlight

new land formed from lahar deposits

flying back to Puerto Montt


Villarrica 2.12.-4.12.

Villarrica seen from Pucon

Villarrica in late afternoon light

summit view in morning dawn

central vent with lava lake deep down

increasing daylight

shortly before sunrise

big Lanin volcano to the east

southeast view to the andes

other volcanoes to the south

earths shadow with full moon

Sunrise behind Lanin

steam formed summit ice sculptures

Villarricas shadow

ice sculptures

fumaroles melt through the snowcover

inside the crater

view to north while descending


flowering plants near the road

spring time in the lakes district

Villarrica at night

Llaima 4.12.-5.12.

landscape near Curacautin

Llaima volcano seen from Curacautin

approaching Llaima from the northwest side

old technology in modern Chile

northern view to neighbour volcano

Llaima with Araucaria trees

Araucaria leaves

Llaima with Araucarias

small lake in Conguillio NP

forests and lakes on Llaimas foot

wild geese

Llaima from north


laguna Conguillio

driving through Araucaria forest

lava dammed lake east of Llaima

Rio Truful-Truful exposed strata

exposed strata tells about Llaimas long eruption history

Rio Truful-Truful waterfall

colorful Rio Truful-Truful

south view of Llaima at sunset

Osorno 5.12.-7.12.

west side of Osorno at sunset

evening dawn in Ensenada

early morning view to volcan Calbuco while ascending Osorno

east view to andes mountains


on the way to Osornos summit

Osornos shadow

Calbuco and Lago Llanquihue

direct route through the summit ice-mushroom

south view

sunlight isgreeting us shortly below the summit

east view to Tronador from summit

at the summit

Puntiagudo and Lago Todos Los Santos to the east

climbing down on the normal route

view back-the white meets the blue

secondary craters from younger eruptions

coastline of Lago Todos Los Santos

Petrohue river

Saltos del Petrohue

Saltos del Petrohue with Osorno behind

mosses and ferns

small river with basaltic rocks


southern view to Osorno in afternoon light

Puntiagudo at sunset

Osorno at night

my rental house under southern skies

morning view

Lago Todos Los Santos

small lizard

back in Puerto Montt

Puerto Montt

Osorno seen from airplane while flying home