ETHIOPIA  2.2.-16.2.2008


Awash - Oryx antelope


Lake Afrera - Salt basin

Sand dunes

Desert driving

Erta Ale

Floodlight like lava lake glow

Lava lake at dawn

Peles hair all around

Daytime view

Crust folding

Fontains from side hornito

Fontain with shadow


Crust upturnal

Lava wave covering older crust

Peles hair in detail

old lava flow

Pit crater under the stars

Morning dawn with Jupiter and Venus

Another day st the lava lake

Sudden crust upturnal

partial lake overflow

Pahoehoe toes at the beginning of a new overflow

Isolated fountain breaking through crust

Fountain at the lake rim

Observing the lava lake...

Strong lake overflow

a new active phase starts

Subsidence phase

View into north crater hornito

Hornito inside the north crater

Overview from the caldera rim

Spattering at the lake border

Old hornitos at Erta Ales base

Backview to Erta Ale

Erta Ale Animations and Video Clips


Lava lake in dawn

Lava lake in daylight

Gasflames near lava lake

Strong fountaining - Video

Lava lake overflow - Video


on the way to Ahmedela




Salt mining camel caravan

Caravan leaving the Danakil

Comet Holmes near California nebula

Orion-the hunter- under desert skies

Ahmedela at sunrise

Lake Asale - Salt crust



Salt hornitos

terraced salt ponds

Water erupting salt hornitos

Salt hornitos

terraced miniature salt ponds

Salt canyon

Salt canyon

Salt hornitos and terraces

Ejecting hornito

green saltwater ponds

new crystallization occurs when temperature drops in the evening

Different crystal forms

Terraces in evening light

Terraces in evening light

different crystallization forms

Richard tries detail photography...

Typical salt 'egg'

Lake Asale


Camels on the way to salt mining

Salt mining

Salt crystals

Salt figures

Salt figures

Saltwater pond

small saltwater geyser

Salt islands

Saltwater lake with geysers and yellow fountains

Saltwater lake with hot springs

different salt forms near eruption vent

exotic saltwater pond


Salt crust


on the way to Addis Ababa


Children searching for shadow...

Women from Berahile

Priest in Lalibela church

Lalibela monolithic rock church

Lalibela church from below

Lalibela priest with cruxes

Main dust road

at the animal market

Women selling pottery