ITALY - ETNA and STROMBOLI   1.11.2006-8.11.2006


partially open lava tube

many visitors watching Bocca Nuova lava river

lava source

lava flows down S-flank

lava flow with Catania behind

lava flow in morning dawn

lava source with morning dawn

lava source with SE-crater behind

exploding lava bubble

further down the lava changes into a Aa flow

lava flow with SE-crater in evening dawn

lava source with advancing flow

lava river with SE-crater

lava river under a full moon

lava in late dawn with Catania behind

reflection of brightly glowing lava at S-flank in late dawn

skylight above lava tube

slowly advancing Aa lava flow

lava flow

lava bubbling as precursor for a new fissure eruption

beginning of a new fissure eruption

strombolian eruption from new fissure

summit cones of Etna with Valle del Bove lavaflows in a fullmoon night


video about Etnas lava flows



sunrise seen from Gran Cratere

all aeolian islands in one view from Gran Cratere on a crystal clear morning

degassing sulfur cone

steaming rim of Gran Cratere with sulfur deposits

Gran Cratere from below




active cone of Stromboli seen from Vancori

sunset behind Alicudi island

evening colors

candle like eruption in dawn

eruption with illuminated steam

erupting cone