Etna 8.7.-10.7.2011

Paroxysm on 9.7.

Voragine crater

Voragine-Bocca Nuova border

View down to southern craters from 2002


SE-crater summit

looking down from SE-crater to new crater

fresh meter sized lava bomb

lava bubbling-precursor of a developing Paroxysm

bursting bubble

heavily bursting bubbles with increasing emission of lava bombs

superwideangle overview of whole new crater

its floor is filling up with lava

lava shreds getting bigger...

after 15:00h lava fountains are developing

strong degassing with pulsating fountains, Bocca Nuova ash eruption in background

low ash content at the beginning of the Paroxysm


rising ash cloud, the Paroxysm at full power

heavy bombardement with lava bombs

base of lava fountain

highly accelerated lava shreds escaping from ash cloud

increasing ash content

final phase after 1 hour of maximum intensity

advancing Aa flows

even hours after the eruption crater walls are partially collapsing

afterglow of the huge lavaflow in dawn

the following morning-removing of 5cm Lapilli

virgin landscape-all trails buried under Lapili

street to Sapienza-completely ash covered

vegetation above Sapienza


Video of lava bubbling shortly before Paroxysm