East-Greenland 6.7.2006 - 23.7.2006

Arrival in Kulusuk

Tasiilaq harbour

Sledge dog in Tasiilaq


dried fish


mist rising from cold seawater

mountains around Tasiilaq

Tasiilaq cemetery

climbing Somandsfjeldet

View to Polhems Fjeld with Tasiilaq below

drift ice on the sea limits our rubber boat plans

Polhems Fjeld at sunset

midnight colors

midnight colors

container supply is possible in summertime only

our camp at the north side of the bay

Polhems Fjeld seen from W

colors at sunset

view back to Tasiilaq bay while climbing in the Vegas range

Vegas Fjeld seen from neighbouring summit

view to inland ice

climbing partner Manfred at the summit

Polhems Fjeld

on the way to Qernertivartivit

campsite near Kuummiit

evening light

flowers in arctic summer

meltpond colors


passing shower

fragile iceberg

midnight light

morning view

starting to the next fjord

typical mosquito menace in arctic summer, here inside my tent

the climate does allow only cm sized 'trees'

passing icebergs

house sized iceberg

boating between icebergs

Inuits when fishing

on the way to the next campsite

climbing a summit at the beginning of Kuua valley

summit view down to the fjord we came

higher mountains to the east

view to N into the Kuua valley

me at the summit

glaciated peaks around

glaciated peaks around

glaciated peaks around

our campsite is at the coastline near to the end of the riverdelta

campsite view

1400m high peak in evening light

view back to the summit climbed yesterday (images above)

Manfred in front of the Kuua valley

Kuua valley with '3 sisters' mountainrange behind

Manfred when rivercrossing

abundant flowering in the valleys

famous mirroring in early morning when winds are calm

mirroring of the 3 sisters range

our campsite

bizarre molten iceberg

mirroring in small lake

Kuummiit village

Kuummiit village

our next campsite east of Kuummiit

arctic Fox

evening light

early morning solo climb of 1032m high summit above camp

first sunlight

summit view in early morning

mountains around

3 sisters in the distance

ptarmigan in dsisguise

ptarmigan nest

climbing same summit in midday light

boating back at midnight to avoid high waves

fog rolling in

flowering vegetation near Tasiilaq bay

arrival back to Tasiilaq

Inuit disemboweling seal

sledge dog

helicopter flight back to Kulusuk

flying back to Iceland