West-Greenland 17.8.2007 - 5.9.2007

on the way from Kangerlussuaq to the inland icefield

bicycle meets fine sand-a harsh experience

approaching Russel glacier

approx. 20m hight icefront, frequently calving

fresh breakup

fragile ice arc

ice pebbles flying around like bullets when breakup occurs

my first camp near icefront

musk ox warning sign

2 day solo expedition in order to find wild musk ox group

beeing near to musk oxes in the wild is a adrenalin generating experience due to the impressive aggressivenes of these animals

on the flight to Ilulissat

arrival in Ilulissat

Mushrooms are frequently growing in fall

famous icefjord near Ilulissat

boating inmidst of giant icebergs

humpback whale diving between icebergs

icefjord in evening light

inactive south crater with ash buried vegetation in front

icebergs with boats in front giving scale

on the way to Equip sermia glacier area by rental boat

3 days walking around alone in wilderness between coastline and inland icefield giving strong impressions

Equip sermia glacier from above

Equip sermia panoramic view

colors of fall with glacier below

ice boom

layered rock

leaves in fall colors

calving icefront

dusk seen from my tent


arctic hare - a welcome encounter when beeing alone

seemingly timeless landscape

decades or ages?

inland glacier

still visible century old caterpillar track from first explorers trying to reach inland ice

first contact with inland ice field

nearly spiritual experience to stand on the border of the huge inland ice after many hours walk from the coastline

coming back to by campsite near Eqip sermia glacier

tent with a view...

small tsunami like waves from calving clacier are discarding ice pieces

hilltop with view to the inland ice

colorful lakes giving contrast

blueberries are common in arctic fall

frequent weather changes are usual in fall

on the way back to Ilulissat

Ilulissat icefjord

meanwhile colors of fall are intensifying

Ilulissat from hilltop above

full moon rising above icefjord

iceberg at sunset

fragile icepillars

full moon above icefjord

on the way by boat to Disco Island

arrival in Qeqertarsuaq village

Kuannit area famous for mild climate and therefore dense vegetation

Kuannit shows its volcanic origin with abundant basalt pillars

waterfall between basaltic columns

Finback whales patroling near coastline

ice age shaped terrain

climbing Innarsuaq mountain

huge, age old lichen

glaciated summit

summit view to Disco Island center

moonrise at dusk

evening colors

waterfall between basaltic columns

morning dawn

earth's shadow with drifting icebergs seen while climbing Lyngmarksbreen summit in early morning

view from flattopped summit

crosing crevassed terrain takes caution

view down to Qeqertarsuaq area

fragile iceberg

calving iceberg

back to the basaltic columns of Kuannit

colors of fall

basaltic dome

intense colored lichen

back to Qeqertarsuaq

change of the seasons-northern lights are greeting me for the first time when arriving back to Ilulissat

northern lights above icefjord

Ilulissat harbour under ice attack


final view to Greenland while flying back to Europe