South-Greenland 14.8.2008 - 2.9.2008

flying in to Narsarsuaq

on the way into the Kuusuaq valley for one night camping

view to Kuussuup sermia glacier

dense vegetation on the way back to the airport

on the way to Nanortalik

many villages between demanding multiple stopovers

all inland flights in this area are done with helicopters

mountain ranges getting steeper when nearing to Nanortalik area

arrival in Nanortalik

Nanortalik houses

Nanortalik church

making extended walks around Nanortalik island, Nanortalic village below (mid of image) while waiting for chartered Inuit boat

lonesome iceberg

total lunar eclipse at dusk

Nanortalik cemetery

boating into Tasermiut fjorden

first view to the mountain range beeing my home for the coming weeks

Inuit boat leaving me behind in Klosterdalen - this will be my last view of any humans for the coming weeks

Tasermiut range can be called as the Patagonia of Greenland, uncomparable 1000m rock walls in abundance

in summer these mountains are the paradise for extreme climbers

late arctic summer with still flowering vegetation

panoramic view from Ketil range

view to S, bizarre mountaintops as far as the eye rechaes

standing near to the dominant Ketil summit, towering more than 2000m above the sea, beeing still 500m below its summit

view to the famous Nalumasortoq

my first high camp

Kirkespiret to the west

view back to Nalumasortoq



standing below the unbelievable 1000m cylinder of Ulamertorsuaq

view back to the Tasermiut fjorden

beeing back to my basecamp below 1400m high westwall of Ketil at sunset

mountains to the east

my basecamp in Klosterdalen

Ketil in morning light - seen on the way to Uiluiit

first view of Sermeq glacier defining the end of Tasermiut fjorden

entering Tiningnertooq valley

mountain range at the end of Tiningnertooq valley

following glacier river

finding the right pass leading to the following valley to the N is a difficult 1000m climbing task without any trails and steep rock walls between

view back from the finally reached pass

first panoramic view into the next valley - this is also the point of no return for the ascending route, distant lake promises utterly required drinking water

the pass is a knife edge like rock ridge

only one place allows crossing with easy II-grade climb

calving clacier above steep walls

campsite after a long, strenuous day below towering Tininnertuup Qaqqaat summit, crossed pass behind

reaching Sermitsiaq glacier and again coastline of Tasermiut fjorden

big mushrooms around

Ketil summit in far distance

glacier breakup at the end of Tasermiut fjorden

Sermitsiaq range

following the partly steep and undescribed coastline back to Klosterdalen is a starkly thrilling task - beeing not able to make it would mean crossing the high mountain pass again with now limited resources

solo crossing the big Uliuiit glacier river is only sensible when conditions are perfect

back to my basecamp below Ketil after a few days is a convenient experience

entering Klosterdalen astonishes with extended marsh terrain giving wet surprises, soon to cross mountain pass behind

leaving Klosterdalen to NE

bush kitchen

camp below pass to Tupaassat valley

thundering glacier ice avalanches accompanying through the night

glaciers defying gravity on top of 1000m rock walls

sunset light

view back to Klosterdalen

last view to Ketil range

unnamed lake directly at the pass

entering Tupaassat valley under hanging glaciers

colors of fall are intensifying from day to day

many lakes have to be circumnavigated before reaching Kangikitsoq fjord

abundant blueberries giving additional food supply

finding nice windcovered campsite used as basecamp for climbing excursion the following day

view back to recently crossed pass while investigating planned climbing route

still a long way to Kangikitsoq fjord...

starting in first morning light

steep mountaintops catching first sunlight

while searching my way skywards it is time to decide for the easiest way to the summit

view to my future destination, the Kangikitsoq fjord

summit view to the E from my unnamed 1458m peak to another, 2106m high summit

view to Qinnguadalen range in the distance, this will be my only possible way back to Tasermiut fjorden

Kangikitsoq fjord below

me at the summit

age old lichens sharp as a kife makes rock climbing unconvenient

dominant 2106m peak to the east seen while descenting on the same way

view down to the lake with by basecamp

back at the camp

morning haze above soon to be reached Kangikitsoq fjord

ascending to the next pass for reaching Qinnguadalen was easy, but circumnavigating its lake meant dealing with a dangerous steep and icy part

walking down into Qinnguadalen

camsite between lakes...

...and calving glaciers

curious polar fox trying to catch my food, it developed into a hour long fight with damaged tent and backpack

good to have crossed the pass yesterday-fresh snow fell in the night

hanging glacier in the clouds

view back into 15km long Qinnguadalen

in Qinnguadalen one can find the biggest birch forest in Greenland - not exactly a nice experience fighting for hours against dense and spring-loaded birch bushes

reaching the shoreline of Tasersuaq lake

crossing of Qingeq river

colors of fall

reaching glacier lake at the end of Qingeq kujalleq valley, but glacier retreat melted the expected glacierfront turning back to the lake

first sign of coming winter - northern lights seen from my camp at the shoreline of Tasersuaq lake

animation of northern lights

animation of northern lights

again discovering the unknown - trying to reach the Itillersuaq valley via undescribed and incalculable mountain pass

for the crossing it was necessary to circumnavigate this impressive summit

to investigate the steep ascent to this pass and to have a better view into this impressive mountainrange I tried to climb a unnamed 1368m peak to the E

it turned out beeing possible to reach the very summit with a breathtaking view

summit view to E showing unnamed lake 1000m directly below my feet, surrounded by steep mountains, seizable only with stitching multiple images

me at the summit after erecting maybe the first stone marker there

after reaching the pass with very steep, but easy climbing it turned out to be a easy, but due to endless boulders strenuously long descent

drifting ice

the dominant peak E of the pass, now seen from its backside

after reaching the upper Itillersuaq valley and beeing sure to reach the not too far away Inuit village I took another day off for climbing an unnamed 1100m peak having a beautiful sight back to the successfully crossed mountainrange with its colorful lakes

descending to the camp

comfortable camp in the grass...

...with a beautiful view over Itillersuaq valley

evening light

still nice weather and enough time to climb the Qaqqatsiaq mountain - giving a wonderful view to Tasersuaq lake and the Qinnguadalen far behind

and to the W side the Tasermiut fjorden

panoramic view with Tasermiut fjorden to the left and Tasersuaq lake to the right

the day after clouds rolled in and it started to rain heavily for many days, covering the peaks with fresh snow and bringing winter

just right to reach Tasiusaq village and organizing a boat transfer to Nanortalik

flying back to Narsarsuaq

last iceberg before leaving Greenland