INDONESIA 25.8.2009-8.9.2009

LOMBOK 27.8.-30-8.


Singiggi beach

lonesome coastline

traditional village

evening view to Rinjani

Apes awaiting climbers

Segara Anak lake with new lavatongue

Gunung Baru cone inside the crater

Ash drifting away after a big littoral explosion

view to Bali's Gunung Agung

Gunung Agung at sunset

Gunung Baru - Aa flow and vent

Rinjani and Baru at dawn

moonlight scene at night

long time Fisheye view to south shows earths rotation

surrealistic lake colors around still active lava tongue


first morning dawn with magellanic clouds

last glow while sky is brightening

small ash eruptions from vent

Rinjani's shadow with Gunung Agung and Gili islands

first sunlight enters the crater

typical campsite at the rim

Monteverde vegetation

complete panorama

upper grassland while climbing down

Guide while preparing food

Porter with typical carrier basket

Farmland near Senaru

Waterfall near Senaru

Sunset at Sengiggi beach

Ferry crossing to Bali


HALMAHERA 31.8.-7.9.


airborne view to smoking Gamalama

Halmahera coastline

local fisherboats

view to Ibu from Ibu village

local children

church shows christian religion here

giant Jackfruit

drying muscat nut coats

typical house

curious about the foreign guy

cooking for dinner

climbing Ibu-tree marking

our guide while climbing Ibu

Alain while climbing

first view to the new dome from the rim

Ash eruption from left vent

panoramic view

dead trees near the rim

Alain taking photos

Ash eruption and rainbow behind

beginning of a new ash eruption

glowing vent on top of the dome

silent vent

degassing vent

strombolian eruption

Ash eruption

strombolian eruption

fisheye view at night

Ash eruption

Ash eruption

morning dawn

ash eruptions in daylight

dome extrusion

watching for activity from our campsite

strong strombolian eruption

strombolian eruption

Ash eruption

Ash eruption

animation of ash eruption

animation of ash eruption

animation of 'breathing' vent


view back to the rim with ashcloud


local woman with typical basket

local childs


Dukono in far distance with ashcloud

final Toyota breakdown - nothing survives excessive ash

first view of the active crater from old crater floor

constant ash emission

old crater floor from viewpoint

our campsite - the big ash experience

Dukono crater rim

1min video clip from crater rim

rare view into extreme loud and constant degassing vent

surrealistic ash covered landscape

lets call it ash desert

near the rim

ash and water vapor

sunset below ashcloud

last sunlight

last sunlight

slag ejection inside crater

slag ejection inside crater

slag ejection inside crater

ash covered backpack as playgound for rats

ash laden landscape and sky

new ash with rat traces

ash laden leaves

not enough water and no escape from the ash

ash laden rock

ash laden photographer

crater rim view at morning dawn

ashy sunrise at the rim

rare moment with clear skies

erosion shaped area around Dukonos crater

Dukono's ash cloud seen from Ternate town

street cookshop with Dukono's ashcloud behind

candlelight night market in Ternate