Krakatau 1.6.2009-5.6.2009

our rental-boat captain

landing on Rakata island

view to Anak Krakatau

Rakata beach - campsite

view to Anak Krakatau

view at night with our boat

dawn of a new morning at Rakata beach

Anak Krakatau at sunrise

climbing into the main boat...

daytime eruptions viewed from boat

afternoon landing at Anak Krakatau...

... can be a wet experience

ash eruption while preparing for the night in 700m crater distance

big afternoon ash eruptions with lightning (not catched here)

dawn time and thunderstorm arrival

strombolian eruption

many 100m high eruption (20mm lens)

crater glow reflects in raincloud

bypassing of another thunderstorm

thunderstorm clouds around

ash eruption at sunrise

big blocks flying around

fisherboat passing by

another landing at Rakata beach

our bush kitchen

back to Anak Krakatau

glowing ash clouds

energetic strombolian eruption

sometimes material flys into Anaks forest

without moon there is a starry sky

early morning dawn

new cone behind old lavaflows

boat-bypassing to the forest

forested side of Anak Krakatau

preparing for landing

view from the caldera rim to the new cone

view from Anaks heavily impacted caldera rim to Panjang island

view from Anaks caldera rim to Rakata island, how can this flower exist there?

ash eruption behind recently climbed rim

impactors near the forest

beginning of a strong eruption

high amount of ejecta covering the whole cone

Krakatau observatory on Javas coast near Carita

time-lapse movie