Slamet 12.6.2009 - 15.6.2009

our guides and porters at the campsite after a long climb

ash eruption at sunset

gas burning - a typical Slamet feature

strombolian eruption inside active crater

2 vents are most active

clouds from a nearby thunderstorm are rolling in

clouds hiding vents

late dawn eruptions

Moon lightens the scene

complete crater overview

thunderstorm pasing by

frequent gas ritch strombolian eruptions

early morning dawn

typical gas faculae

energetic gas faculae

gas faculae - video

gas faculae - video


ash eruption

ash eruption with mountain shadow

ash eruption with gas faculae

southeast view to Merapi (right one)

view down the flanks where the trail goes

our campsite

dense forest around the Volcano


Yogyakarta impressions

creating shadow theatre figures