Flores 16.8.-22.8.2011

Batu Tara

Egon volcano

local street market

Iewotobi volcano

renting a fisherboat for the 80km to Batu Tara island

our boat with Larantuka behind

boat kitchen

steaming Batu Tara-the lost Stromboli...

steep and forested coastline all around the island

ash cloud above the summit

steep and forested terrain

courious view into the active side at sunset

open scar from a landslide with fire slide-like Stromboli

beginning of a eruption

sunrise with drop phenomenon

red colors at sunrise

moon behind steep summit ridge

frequent eruptions 5min-40min timescale

lava chunks impacting into the water

lava chunks impacting into the water

the forest grows even into the impact zone

landing at low tide

with sunset the first red becomes visible

a sticky lavaflow escapes from the crater...

...and leads to nearly constant rockfall into the sea

lavabombs get smashed onto the crater walls

typical strombolian eruption

silent phase

lavabombs get smashed onto the crater walls

rising ash cloud

wide angle view

fire slide in action

flight direction of lavabombs is changing

ash eruption

morning dawn

sunrise colors

Kelimutu Craterlakes

black lake

black lake

tree fern

typical tree root



local farming

local transportation


Tambora seen from airplane

Rinjani seen from airplane