EAST-JAVA  12.6.-23.6.2008

Sidoarjo-artificial mud volcano

View from new dam

Steam from borehole vent in background


Candi Jawi Temple

Temple pond

Jeep mountain climbing

Ascent from Tretes

Worker with sulfur

Summit crater

Summit crater with Arjuna in background

Sulfur cone with overflow

liquid sulfur on top of cone

Sulfur cone with overflow

Cone wall

Sulfur cone top view

Cone with liquid sulfur pond

typical sulfur cone

another sulfur cone - only fuming

Summit view, fumarole field to the right




Crater lake 2005

New dome-view Jun. 2008

New dome in moonlight

West side walls

Morning view

West side from below

Kawah Ijen

Moonlight view from rim

Sulfur 'Lava'

Burning sulfur flow

Sulfur flow with lake below

Steam above vent area

burning sulfur torches

Main torch with worker below

Sulfur flow winding down to lake

burning sulfur flow detail

burning sulfur flow detail

burning sulfur flow

burning side wall with flow

sudden red flare

side wall burning

burning globules and red flare

Flow entering the lake

Flow in morning dawn

weak flow cascade in dawn

Worker extinguishing burning sulfur with water

cooled lake entry

liquid sulfur pond

Sulfur crystals

solidified sulfur

Lake overview

Sulfur porter

Coffee workers at Ijen plateau

Evening view to Raung volcano

Sunset view from crater rim

Sunset from lake shore

main sulfur torch

Torch field at Moonrise

Sulfur torch

Sulfur flow animation

Sulfur flow video



Sunset from Gunung Sawur Observatory

Gunung Sawur night view

Gunung Sawur night view

view from Gunung Sawur

Gunung Sawur overview

South-side Camp

Ash cloud lightning

Lightning detail

Standard eruption

different winds in different altitudes

Sunrise eruption

waiting for eruptions...

First phase of ash eruption

beginning of another ash eruption

moonless evenig displays southern skies

Zodiacal light behind Semeru

Strombolian eruption

Strombolian eruptions

Ash eruption at dawn

Ash eruption at dawn

Ash eruption at dawn

Ash eruption at sunrise

Ash eruption at sunrise

Ash eruption at sunrise

Morning views


Farmers visting camp site