KRAKATAU (Java)  17.5.-25.5.

Anak Krakatau Volcano


Old and new lighthouse

at Javas NW coast

Krakatau seismic monitoring station near Carita

Loading the rented boat

Anak Krakatau-First impression

Ash cloud with rocks

Landing at Rakata beach

Night view from Rakata

Ash cloud after big eruption

Boat-based viewing

Rocks impacting near the boat...

First evening landig at Anak island, view back to Rakata

Strombolian activity, observation point 700m from the crater rim

Bomb which landed 20m from our site

Same bomb in daytime

Ash cloud lightning

Crater walls under fire

Daytime view from observation point

Ferns are growing despite of flying bombs

View back to Rakata and waiting boat

Rakata beach

Again views from Rakata beach

Gecko above our camp

Our kitchen

Rakata-monitor lizard

Monitor lizard

Remains of 1883 eruption

W-coast of Rakata

Again boat based observations

Second night landing at Anak Krakatau

Ash ring formation

Big lava arc

Summit wall collapse

Detail of shredded lava

Lava rich eruption with strong, echoing noise

Car sized lava piece