NAMIBIA 2.6.2010-21.6.2010

Windhoek to Fish River Canyon

Windhoek Gibeon Meteorite fragments

Dassie near Hardap Dam

flowering Quivertree near Keetmanshoop

Quivertree flowers

Quivertree at sunset


Giants Playground in morning light

Giants Playground

Fish River Canyon

Fish River below

Quivertree inside the Canyon

Euphorbia above Canyon

Canyon in evening light

last sunlight

Fish River Canyon at Dusk

Canyon with Milky Way above

walking down to the bottom

sand dunes near riverbed

Fish River

view back from the rim

Lake Arenal - S shoreline

namibian pad near Zarishoogte Pass

Nubib mountains



Namib Desert and Namib Naukluft to Cape Cross

Sesriem canyon

inside Sesriem canyon

inside Sesriem canyon


first dunes of Namib Desert

Dead Vlei

Dead Vlei in the evening

Dead Vlei

Dead Vlei

dunes near Dead Vlei


dunes near Dead Vlei

first sunlight in Dead Vlei


view down into Dead Vlei


first sunlight

final track to Sossusvlei

isolated euphorbia on the way to Solitaire

small dry river canyons divide the endless flat terrain



shipwrek on the way to Skeletoncoast

Cape Cross seal colony

Cape Cross seal colony

Cape Cross seal colony

Cape Cross seal colony

salt road near Cape Cross

Welwitscha desert plant

Welwitscha detail

isolated Quivertree on the way to Blutkuppe

Blutkuppe mountain at sunset

view from Blutkuppe

Blutkuppe mountain with Quivertree

granite marbles

Rock arch

Hilux terrain

Meerkat on alert


Spitzkoppe - Erongo

church of Karibib

Spitzkoppe - granite marbles

Bushmans Paradise paintings

Spitzkoppe rock formation

rock arch

rock arch with Spitzkoppe formations behind

Spitzkoppe mountain at sunset

colorful earths shadow

zodiacal light

constellation Crux above Spitzkoppe

rock arch

distant view of Spitzkoppe

Bushman camp near Erongo

Bushman camp

Bushman camp

endless pads...

white elephant painting inside Philips Cave

Philips Cave

Bulls Party-granite marbles

granite marble with me in front for giving scale

Astrofarm Rooisand near Gamsberg

on the way to Gamsberg

Rooisand observatory

south celestial pole view with Crux and Magellanic Clouds

center of Milky Way wideangle view

constellation Crux and Eta Carinae

constellation Scorpius

large Magellanic Cloud

small Magellanic Cloud with 47 tucanae Globular Cluster

high resolution view into SMC

famous Eta Carinae nebula

dark cloud, reflection nebulae and globular cluster in Corona Australis constellation

Omega Centauri Globular Cluster


IC2944 nebula

Trifid and Lagoon nebulas


Trifid nebula

Lagoon nebula

Eagle nebula

Omega Nebula

Cat's Paw nebula

LMC - Tarantula nebula

Sculptorgalaxy NGC253

Helix nebula


Lilac-breasted Roller

Lilac-breasted Roller in flight





Zebras at waterhole

Oryx antelope


Weaver birds nest


Zebras and Springboks at waterhole

salt pan desert

Elephant family

Ostrich group

bat-eared fox



Okaukuejo waterhole at sunset



Lion cubs

Lion family


male Ostrich

Ground Squirrel

Black-faced Impalas

Termite hill