New Zealand 28.10.2012-11.11.2012

Mt. Taranaki climb and overnight stay

on route via Lost Highway

typical green hills

tree ferns

native forest

typical rolling hills with Mt. Ruapehu behind

Mt. Taranaki N side

on the way to Taranaki

changing vegetation at higher altitude

storm and ice greeting-even far below summit

climbing above cloud layer

arriving in summit caldera

alien ice pillars

ice wonderland - summit view to W

SW view

S view, Fanthams peak below

chilly campsite

ice sculptures

ice sculptures

mountain shadow rises

cloud collar below

mountain shadow and laast sunlight

a few minutes in deep red color


earths shadow rises

dusk and ice

dusk and ice

preparing for a freezing night

colors of ice

under southern stars



summit with Orion constellation above

colors of ice

colors of ice


summit caldera with mountain shadow

mountain shadow

summit seen from W side

mountain shadow

Tongariro range behind

view back

moss laden trees

Mt. Taranaki seen from E

on the way back to Taupo...