New Zealand 28.10.2012-11.11.2012

Tongariro N.P. - Mt. Ruapehu climb with overnight stay

Ruapehu seen from N

Ngauruhoe from W

climbing Ruapehu, Ngauruhoe behind

crater wall in evening light

waiting for sunset

late light with Ngauruhoe behind

evening colors

Mt. Ngauruhoe at sunset

full moon rising

full moon above crater wall

Mt. Taranaki in far distance

colors of ice

Ruapehu crater lake

Ruapehu main summit

emergency hut under ice load

full moon above N crater

summit view to N crater

summit view into crater lake

summit ridge

Ngauruhoe in moon light

ice colors at dawn

crater lake at dawn


first sunrise minutes in deep red color

summit ridge with moonset

first sunlight

mountain shadow with full moon

Ngauruhoe at sunrise

crater lake

mountain shadow

descending to crater lake

view back to main summit

crater lake is not frozen due to underground heat

our chilly campsite

leaving the crater area

descending with Ngauruhoe view

Tongariro N.P. - Mt. Ngauruhoe + Mt. Tongariro climb with overnight stay

Ruapehu view

approaching Mt. Ngauruhoe

local flowers

Red crater

Red crater

Red crater with Ngauruhoe behind

Emerald lakes

Emerald lakes

Emerald lakes

thermal area near Emerald lakes

thermal area near Emerald lakes

thermal area near Emerald lakes

Red crater with Ngauruhoe behind

on the way to Mt. Ngauruhoe

view back to Tongariro complex

view back to Tongariro complex

summit area - inner crater

summit ridge

summit ridge and inner crater to the right

view back

summit ridge

inner crater seen from outer ridge

view to Mt. Ruapehu

summit panorama

view to Mt. Ruapehu

inner crater panorama

view into inner crater

inner crater wall

inner crater wall

view to Mt. Ruapehu

view to Mt. Taranaki

sunset colors

sunset colors

sunset colors

mountain shadow with Tongariro complex below


Tongariro complex below

dawn seen from Red crater

moon over Mt. Tongariro

low level clouds

sunrise seen from Red crater

Ngauruhoe in first sunlight

North crater in first sunlight

Mt. Tongariro in first sunlight

steam trail from recently active Tongariro eruption vent

Blue lake in the middle, still frozen

North crater view

Mt. Taranaki view

Ngauruhoe from Red crater

Mt. Ngauruhoe

South crater below

Central crater

Mt- Tongariro summit view to E

Mt- Tongariro summit view to S

our campsite near Red crater

small rock arch

view back to Mt. Ngauruhoe



Views from East side

Tongariro complex seen from E with steaming recent eruption vent


view to steaming recent eruption vent

Mt. Ngauruhoe seen from Desert road

Mt. Ruapehu seen from Desert road