VANUATU   10.8.2006-9.9.2006

Ambae island

Aoba volcano

small airplanes are the only way for interisland traffic

locals with catched fish

ascend through dense forest

ash layers from december 2005 eruption

devastated forest near the crater lake

red colored crater lake

red lake Vui with sulfur deposits and devastated forest around

lakeshore with eruption deposits

surrealistic lakeshore with eruption deposits

tree remnant near lakeshore

devastated forest with lake Vui

devastated forest

no visible impact on lowland forest

local childs

local village inhabitants

producing the famous Kava

our guesthouse


Lopevi volcano


on the way to Epi island

coastline of Epi island

local people

local house

view to Lopevi island

coastline of uninhabitated Lopevi island

the 1413m high crater dominates the whole island

on the way to Lopevi's summit crater

away from fresh lavaflow-areas the island has dense forests

our campsite at the beach

our boatcrew showed us how to survive in this wilderness


Ambrym island

Benbow and Marum volcanoes

rented fisherboat for Lopevi-Ambrym transfer

first contact with Ambrym locals

life in Sanesup village

famous Rom dance

ascending to the ash plain via riverbeds

dense forest surrounds the volcano

arrival at the ash plain covering the whole center of the island

still 7-10km to walk till the active craters

ascending Benbow-crater

typical rain eroded ash landscape

view to Marum crater

view into Benbow crater from its rim

Benbow's central hole often hosts a lava lake but not during our visit

steam filled Marum crater

small lava lake beneath Marum's crater floor

Marum crater overview

our campsite on the edge of the ash plain

Craig Cove was our final destination on Ambrym

Tanna island

Yasur volcano

dense forest with tree ferns

first view of Yasur crater behind forest

strombolian eruption at dawn

the crater was active with 3 individual vents

ash rich eruption

overview shows both inner craters

sometimes Yasur erupts big lava shreds

bust of a huge lava bubble

parallel activity from 2 vents

big lava shred flying near the rim

big lava shred landed near the rim

southwest Tanna's dramatic coastline

local fisherboat

Tanna's beautiful beaches

widespread coconut palms

local childs while playing

local village

woman at work

fisheye view in morning dawn

ash eruption

ash eruption

ash laden landscape downwind

ash dunes with lava bomb

Yasur with ash cloud

view from northwest

typical eruption

big strombolian at night

view into central vent opening

beginning of a strong ash eruption

fresh ejecta

Rainer standing at the inner ridge

high accelerated rocks flying in front of ash cloud

Yasur seen from south side

50cm lava bomb just landed in front of us

huge strombolian eruption - 84° superwideangle field

back on Efate island - women waiting for ferry


yam roots on the local market

local market

Yasur Video

eruption with pressure wave

eruption with pressure wave

eruption with pressure wave


strong activity seen from inner rim