Vanuatu 23.04.2012-13.5.2012

Ambrym Island - Marum and Benbow Volcano

Sydney stopover

Lopevi island seen on the flight to Ambrym

landing on Ulei airfield

driving the main 'highway' to Endu village

organizing our porters

walking along the beach

a few km to the N a forest trail starts

climbing the volcanoes flanks through dense forest

first view to the Marum crater complex from the rim of the ashplane

beginning of the ashplane

crossing the forested part of the ashplain

the porters resting near our camp

S view from Marum to the ashplane

Lopevi volcano behind the ashplanes caldera rim

ashplane to the N with little Marum volcano

our camp at Marums crater rim

the Marum volcano has many side craters, one with a very low level lava pond inside to the right

on the way to Benbow volcano, the landscape is submerged in gas cloud from Marum complex

Benbows crater rim

bizarre ash landscape at the craters flanks eroded by heavy rainfall

erosion gullys near Benbow

main crater of Benbow after climbing down, lava lake level is too low to be seen even from the inner rim

on the way back to our camp at Marum, volcanic gases giving surreal sunset colors

walking along Marums crater rim

eroded spire standing out of the inner crater wall

view down into the lava lake

Marums extremely steep inner crater walls

the lava lake at dusk

panoramic view, to the left S-crater, right main crater with lava lake inside

Arnold (left) and Thorsten photographing Marums lava lake

view down to the lake from S-rim

lake storm phase

upwelling lava lake

bursting of huge lava bubble

more silent lake with fountaining on its E-side

ejecting lava shreds

more silent phase with lava bubbles breaking sodified crust

small fountains breaking the crust

silvery crust to the left under midday sun

inner pit crater

fountains breaking crust

Marums crater at midday

dust devil at midday

Marums crater under sulphur filtered sun

Thorsten photographing the lava lake

Marums crater under its on gas cloud

sulphur filtered light giving yellowish colors

silent lava lake seen from S-rim

small break off on the right side of the inner pit crater

break off rocks falling into the lava lake without disturbing it

walking near the rim

permanently foggy nights do not allow night views into the craters

at sunrise the crater is clearing up, each night this is the same

often sulphuric gasses filling the steep crater, our tents are visible behind to the mid right

side craters of Marum

Benbow with its steam cloud

Marum with sulphuric cloud above

old lava pillow

eroded ash flank of Marum

colorful fallout material

steam and gas mixture in front of Benbow

deeper down to the ashplane the eroded crater flanks forming flood gullys

here many plants have their home

for example orchids

and mosses

steaming Marum crater seen from inactive and green side crater

our friendly guide Soloman while cooking

eroded ash flank of Benbow

panoramic view of Benbow crater

Benbow crater

fountaining lava lake

fountaining lava lake

lava lake in afternoon light

rainbow in front of a small showee

the E-part of the ashplain become overgrown with forest

different gas colors above Marums crater

again - a foggy night

our porters are carrying down the luggage after 6 nights on top

the green neighbour of Marum from its other side

campsite near forest for porters, guides and normal tourists

beautiful forest near E-side of the ashplane

interesting plans near the trail

our guesthouse in Enaru

Thorsten filming the locals

tree roots

tree fruits

ceremony area

custom dance in the rain

custom dance in the rain

string band playing

cooking banana lap lap

children of Enaru village

cooking inside the house

copra production

refining the leave enveloped food under hot rocks

local christian church

our 1 day delayed airplane finally arriving after heavy rainfalls

better to have an airplane without copilot instead of none...


lava lake seen from E-rim

lava lake seen from E-rim

lava lake seen from S-rim

Tanna Island - Yasur Volcano

local children

inland marked place under giant tree

at the market

small river eroding the Yasur ashplane

Yasurs strombolian activity at dusk

rainbow above Yasurs ashplain

big lava shreds flying inside the crater

small lava shred

huge lava shred, many meters in size

the N-crater having mainly ash eruptions

ash eruption from the N-crater

fallout zone around the crater peppered with lava bombs

strombolian activity at dusk

strombolian activity brightens steam under a starry sky

ash eruption illuminated by lava

ash eruption illuminated by lava

ash eruption illuminated by lava

ash eruption illuminated by lava

steam cloud illuminated by lava

ash eruption in a full moon night

strombolian activity inside both craters

lava illuminated ash cloud

ash eruption at dawn

ash eruption at dawn

strong ash eruption in morning light

lava bombs flying in front of ascending ash cloud

rainbow in front of approaching shower

ashplane below Yasurs flank

lonesome lavabomb at Yasurs foot

isolated plant growing inside ash plane

strombolian activity inside both craters

illuminated inner walls at night

gas flames emanating from side vents

inner crater under heavy bomardment

inner crater rim under bombardment

first moment of a strong strombolian eruption

strombolian in the night

dawn is approaching

very first moment of an eruption

extremely fast ascending steam cloud with lava bombs following


heavy vent opening ash eruption followed by very hot and glowing ash

glowing ash cloud

dimishing gow after a few seconds

further cooling down

after vent opener from above a ash eruption phase followed

lava bombs with condensation trails

sky above eruption cloud is full of lava shreds

silent phase

tree ferns in respectful distance to the active crater

tree ferns on the way down

many meter sized lava bomb near tourist viewpoint

S-view to Tannas main mountain range

Arnold photographing recently fallen and still hot lava bomb at Yasurs outer flank

another still hot lava bomb

evening light

strombolian eruption with bright meteor above, a nice spectacle for the eye but nearly too much contrast for the camera

strombolians getting way bigger, wide angle lens is not enough

even a 10mm ultrawide is not enough...

soon the lava bombs are flying over the photographer with sound like war bombing, hitting the outer flanks...

...and glowing for many minutes

dawn is coming

big lava shreds above the vent

some eruptions ejecting a high lava amount

visiting Port resolution village

childs of Port resolution

open air kitchen

south sea beach

thats how coconuts are travelling

Port resolution bay

giant tree

lava shreds in daylight

lava shreds in daylight

lava shreds in daylight

lava shreds in daylight

now after each eruption the inner lava lake jumps high above its normal level and greets the observer shortly

first phase of an strong eruption

wide angle view of lava lake jump

sometimes parts of the lake are overflowing

another first phase...

...with bursting bubble shortly after

collapsing lake vanishing into its vent again

very first moment of an eruption at dusk

silent phase at dusk

strombolian at dusk


Efate Island - Port Vila

chicken offered at local market

Port Vila market

sweet potatoes in baskets

flower market

bye bye to the southern sea...