Venezuela 14.12.2012-7.1.2013

Merida - Region

Sierra Nevada tour

- Coromoto trail

-Pico Humboldt


me and Rainer starting in Merida with two local guides

ascending via dense forest

abundant bromelia on many trees

forest rich in ferns

Coromoto with typical fog-layer

first camp near Laguna Coromoto

typical afternoon fog

local tree

Laguna Coromoto in early morning

Laguna Coromoto

Laguna Coromoto

first view to Pico Humboldt

view to Pico Humboldt

view to Pico Humboldt

Laguna Verde

Paramo plant

Laguna Verde from above

Laguna Verde

carrying heavy backpacks

Paramo plants

Paramo plant flowers

second camp near Laguna Verde

Pico Humboldt climb - view down to Coromoto valley at sunrise

Pico Humboldt climb - view down to Laguna Verde at sunrise

Sierra Nevada sunrise

first view to Pico Bolivar

crossing the Coromoto glacier

Pico Bonpland and Pico Bolivar, left to right

climbing summit rocks

E-view from the summit

N-view from the summit

me at Pico Humboldt summit

Pico Bonpland and Pico Bolivar with glacier below

Pico Bolivar with glacier below

descending to campsite

Paramo landscape

Paramo landscape

Paramo landscape

Paramo landscape

back to Laguna Coromoto

forest around Laguna Coromoto



forest around Laguna Coromoto

Merida town

view to Pico Bolivar

butcher delivery

typical houses

main church

inside church

Chavez is omnipresent in Venezuela

Lagoon near Merida


botanical garden

local bromelias

bromelia flower

bromelia with spider web


zoological garden




Lake Maracaibo Catatumbo tour

on the mountain-road to lake Maracaibo

local bird

dense cloud forest on the way down

huge cave system near La Azulita

La Azulita village

plants growing even on the power lines

La Azulita village

permanent Christmas 'bombing' - a nasty tradition in south America

Venezuela having lowest fuel prices in the world - roughly 300 (!) times cheaper then in Germany...

...therefore using old USA cars is usual

flowering tree

boating on natural channels into lake Maracaibo

local monkey

local monkey

bird nests

bird in front of its nest

Heron variety

sweet water dolphins

sunset near Catatumbo delta

villages on stilts are typical for this area

blue hour

usual thunderstorm at night

lake Maracaibo coastline

lake Maracaibo coastline

local children while fishing

Laguneta village on stilts with church

Laguneta village on stilts

Laguneta village on stilts

house on stilts

local monkeys

boating back through the natural channels

bird of prey

bird of prey

bird of prey


back on land