ALPS 2014

Note: All tours in solo climb without rope, except for rappeling.

This is a personal philosophy which developed over decades now and should not be a general example.

For accidents caused by imitation no responsibility can be assumed.

Friederspitz (2049m)

Germany-Bavaria, Ammergauer Alps, 6.1.14

Day tour from Griesen, easy climb.

snowy forest

summit view

summit cross

view to Schellschlicht

Plattberg (2247m)

Austria-Tirol, Ammergauer Alps, 9.3.14

Day tour from Lähn, abundant snow with cornices, without trace.

on the way to Plattberg summit

snowy ridge

view back

Namloser Wetterspitze (2553m)

Austria-Tirol, Lechtaler Alps, 12.3.14

Day tour from Bschlabs, easy climb, partly weak and deep snow.

morning light

view to SE

summit cross

Turnerkamp (3418m)

Italy-Südtirol-Zillertaler Alps, 18.3.14

Day tour from Weißenbach, midnight ascent, partly exposed climb with very steep SE snow flank to summit without traces, abundant snow

sunrise while reaching E-ridge

summit shadow with Gr. Möseler, full moon above Hochfeiler

full moon above Hochfeiler

summit in first sunlight


summit panorama to W

descending the SE face

still winter in the valleys

Mädelegabel (2645m)

Austria-Tirol, border to Germany. Allgäuer Alps, 21.3.14

Day tour from Holzgau, night ascent, easy climb with abundant and partly steep, hard and exposed snow without traces

E view in dawn

Mädelegabel summit ahead

S-view in dawn

Trettachspitze below

view from summit ridge at sunrise, Hochfrottspitze behind

view down to ascent route

Mädelegabel summit

view to SW


Regalpwand (2208m)

Austria-Tirol, Wilder Kaiser, 4.4.14

Day tour from Ellmau, easy climb but with abundant snow in the steeper parts

following Gildensteig

view from summit to E

summit panorama to W

on the way down

Gr. Seekopf (2048m)

Germany-Bavaria, Allgäuer Alps, 22.5.14

Day tour from Oberstdorf, easy but weak snow on top

view to Seealpsee

summit view to SW


ring snake

Mohnenfluh (2542m) and Butzenspitze (2547m)

Austria-Vorarlberg, Lechquellen Alps, 25.5.14

Day tour from Oberlech, easy climb. Additional climb (grade I+) of Butzenspitze (2547m)

view to summit at sunrise



Mohnenfluh summit



Gipslöcher - eroded ground

Hindelanger Klettersteig (2280m)

Germany-Bavaria, Allgäuer Alps, 31.5.14

Day tour from Oberstdorf, fixed rope route B-C, easy climb.

Route crosses W Wengenkopf (2235m), E Wengenkopf (2206m), Großer Daumen (2280m)

S view (Höfats)

climbing ridge above

running chamois

Panorama Klettersteig - Gr. Sandspitze (2772m)

Austria-Tirol, highest mountain of Lienzer Dolomites, 6.6.14

Day tour from Lienz, fixed rope route C, due to snow ropes were often buried (no traces, first ascent of the year), therefore partly dangerous and exposed, very demanding climb.

Route crosses Kl. Laserzkopf (2690m)-Gr. Laserzkopf (2718m)-Gr. Galizensp.(2710m)-Kl. Galizensp.(2690m)-Böses Mandl (2655m)-Daumen (2720m)-Gr. Sandspitze (2772m).

Additonal climb of Gr. Laserzwand (2614m)-Schöttnersp.(2633m)-Kl. Sandspitze (2762m).

Lienzer Dolomites from below

view to Laserzwand

view to Daumen and Gr. Sandspitze

view to Seekofel

Schöttnersp. summit

Gr. Sandspitze summit

view to Keilspitze

view back to Gr. Sandspitze

Hoher Weißzint (3371m)

Italy-Südtirol-Zillertaler Alps, 8.6.14

Day tour from Neves lake, night ascent, SW ridge easy climb (steps grade I+) but exposed and demanding due to abundant snow, crossing of summit to border ridge.

Weißzint summit at sunrise

N ridge

view to S

W view to Hochfeiler

view back to the summit

view back to the summit

Gliderferner with Hochfeiler to the right

back to the summit

Gr. Möseler and Turnerkamp to the E

view back from descending the SW ridge

Saxifraga above 3000m

view to Hochfeiler

Rostocker Eck (2749m)

Austria-Tirol, Venediger Alps, 14.6.14

Day tour from Streden, useless night ascent due to non crossable river, therefore this mean and easy peak as second option.

sunrise colors

strange clouds above Gubachspitze

summit with Malhamspitze behind

wind shaped cloud above Gr. Geiger

view to Lasörling range

view to Lasörling

Wetterspitze (2895m) - Feuerspitze (2852m)

Austria-Tirol, Lechtaler Alps, 19.6.14

Day tour from Holzgau, easy climb (grade I).

first sunlight

view to Wetterspitze

view to Feuerspitze

view to Wetterspitze from S-ridge

SE view

view from Feuerspitze summit to Wetterspitze

view from Feuerspitze summit to Wetterspitze

S view

Sustenhorn (3504m) - Clariden (3267m)

Switzerland - Urner Alps, 21.6.-22.6.14

2,5 day tour. day: night ascent from Göschenen lake to Sustenhorn, afternoon drive to Klausenpass. Easy but strenuous and dangerous glacier climb due to fresh snow without traces (!) day: Isswändli route to Clariden, night ascent, afternoon visit of Berglistüber waterfall. Easy, but partly steep climb with fixed chain parts.                          

sunrise view to Dammastock


view to Gwächtenhorn

final part to summit

Sustenhorn summit

N view to Titlis

E view with rime accumulation

W view to Berner Oberland

crevassed Flachensteinfirn to the E


view back to ascend route

traverse to Bergsee

alpine rose

mirroring Dammastock


Clariden in dawn

sunrise colors


view to Tödi

Düssi to the S

view to Clariden summit with ascent route

view from summit

Clariden summit

Windgällen to the N

NE view

Hüfifirn below

view back to main summit

Berglistüber waterfall

Berglistüber waterfall

Drusenfluh (2827m)

Austria-Vorarlberg, Rätikon, 26.6.14

Day tour from Brand. Partly fixed rope route C-D, but dangerous due to huge overhanging snow remnants.

Lünersee in early morning

Schesaplana behind

N view to Zimba after Blodig Rinne

view to Drei Türme

overhanging snow producing frequent avalanches


alpine flora with Drusenfluh behind

Braunarl Spitze (2649m)

Austria-Vorarlberg, Lechquellen Alps, 28.6.14

Day tour from Schröcken. Easy climb, crossing summit from N to S..

Braunarl summit to the right

E view from summit, Mohnenfluh behind

Butzensee with Braunarl behind


mountain anemone


Fluchtkogel (3500m)

Austria - Tirol, Ötztaler Alps, 3.7.14

Day tour, night ascent from Vent, long way via Kesselwandferner, easy but strenuous and dangerous glacier climb due to fresh snow without traces (!)

Kesselwandferner in dawn

first sunlight

sunrise at Weisskugel, Brandenburger Haus to the right

view to Weisskugel

view to southern part of Ötztaler Alps

view to Hochvernagtspitze

S-view to Ortler Alps

Fluchtkogel summit under snow

Fluchtkogel summit cross under snow (so standing definitiely above 3500m)

Wildspitze to the E

SE view

beautiful Rofental

Hocheiser (3206m)

Austria - Salzburg, Hohe Tauern, 4.7.14

Day tour, ascent from Mooserboden lake, easy climb with abundant snow without traces. Crossing of Grießkogel (3047m)

sheep flock on the way up

Wiesbachhorn to the E

Wiesbachhorn range

summit cornices

Hocheiser summit

view to Großglockner and Hohe Riffl

view to Kitzsteinhorn


Flüela Schwarzhorn (3146m) - Flüela Wisshorn (3085m)

Switzerland - Graubünden, Silvretta Alps, 6.7.14

Day tour from Flüelapass, easy climbs, night ascent to Schwarzhorn, afterward back to pass and Wisshorn via NW ridge (grade I, one step II).

Piz Kesch at sunrise


view to Piz Ela

view to Bernina range

view to Ortler range

Schwarzhorn at sunrise

view back to Schwarzhorn

Wisshorn summit

view to Jöri lakes

Liskamm E(4527m) - Liskamm W(4479m) - Parrotspitze (4432m)

- Ludwigshöhe (4341m) - Schwarzhorn (4321m) - Vincentpyramide (4215m)

Zumsteinspitze (4563m)

Switzerland/Italy - Wallis, 17.7. - 19.7.14

3 day tour, via Italy day: driving to Alagna-Valsesia, cable car to Punta Indren, night at Rifugio Mantova.    day: night climb to Liskamm, crossing to W summit, easy but exposed climb in perfect snow,

back same way and climbing Parrotspitze, crossing Ludwigshöhe, Schwarzhorn, detour to Vincentpyramide, night at Balmenhorn Bivouac. day: night ascent to Zumsteinspitze, due to hight wind return and back to Alagna.                

Capanna Gnifetti


evening view to Liskamm

climbing Liskamm in dawn

first sunlight on Vincentpyramide

first sunlight on Parrotspitze

Rimpfischhorn in the middle



mountain shadow to the W

Liskamm summit ahead

view back to ascent ridge

Liskamm main summit

view back to ascent ridge

on the way to the W summit

view to N

view back to main summit

view to Matterhorn

view to Mischabel range

Monte Rosa panorama

Parrotspitze summit view to S


view from Schwarzhorn to S

view from Vincentpyramide to Schwarzhorn and Ludwigshöhe

Zumsteinspitze in dawn, view to Dufourspitze


Liskamm E in first sunlight

Parrotspitze in first sunlight

Breithorn in first sunlight

Doufourspitze in first sunlight

Zumsteinspitze summit Madonna

view to Berner Oberland

view to Signalkuppe

view to Lagginhorn and Weissmies

Matterhorn and Dent d'Hérens

Liskamm in first light

Liskamm and Matterhorn


view back to Zumsteinspitze

view back to Liskamm

back at Balmenhorn Bivouac hut


Zsigmondyspitze (3087m)

Austria - Tirol, Zillertaler Alps, 25.7.14

Day tour from Breitlahner, easy but partly very exposed climb (grade II+), rope helpful for abseiling.

view to Gr. Mörchner

view to Turnerkamp and Gr. Möseler

Aureole at the summit

summit with other climbers

abseiling the S ridge, summit cross above

Tiefenkarspitze to the S

snow covered lake

view back to summit, S ridge to the right

local frog

Gross Spannort (3198m)

Switzerland - Uri, Urner Alps, 1.8.14

1,5 day tour, night ascent from Engelberg via Schlossberglücke and SW ridge, easy climb (steps grade II+). Loose rock danger.

Gr. Spannort at sunrise

Glatt Firn in first sunlight

Glatt Firn in first sunlight

Glatt Firn in first sunlight

Titlis behind

Chli Spannort, Titlis to the right

view to Gwächtenhorn

summit cross

summit view to SE

summit view to E

summit view to W

view back to summit

Titlis view

Piz Paradisino (3302m) - Corno di Campo (3232m)

Switzerland/Italy - Graubünden/Lombardia, Livignoalps 8.8.14

1,5 day tour, night ascent with free bivouac below glacier. Crossing of Piz Paradisiono via W ridge and S ridge down, Corno di Campo via N flank.

Easy climb, only W ridge partly exposed, steep and few grade II+ parts, snow flank C.diC. partly steep.

sunrise view to Piz Morteratsch

sunrise view to Bernina range

view to Corno di Campo

view to NW

sunrise view to Bernina range

view to Corno di Campo

view to Ortler

Piz Palü

view to Piz Kesch

P. Paradisino summit

view to Corno di Campo

on the way to Corno di Campo

Corno di Campo above

Allalinhorn (4027m) - Alphubel (4206m)

Switzerland - Wallis, Allalinrange, 10.8.-11.8.14

2 day tour. day: driving to Saas Fee, cable car to Mittelallalin, climbing Allalinhorn for sunset and tent night at Feejoch.    day: climbing Allalinhorn again for sunrise, afterward crossing of Feechopf (3888m) (grade II) to Alphubel, via SE ridge.

view to Finsteraarhorn on the way to Wallis

view to Fletschhorn and Lagginhorn

view to Alphubel

view to Allalinhorn

Alphubel (left) to Nadelhorn (right)

Strahlhorn view

my tent with Alphubel behind

view to Strahlhorn and Rimpfischhorn

below Allalinhorn summit

Allalinhorn summit

view to Rimpfischhorn

view to Berner Alps

view to Rimpfischhorn

view to Rimpfischhorn

sunset behind Feechopf

Berner Alps at sunset

Weissmies range at sunset

last sunlight

last sunlight on Matterhorn

Weissmies range in dawn

Strahlhorn and Rimpfischhorn at dawn


Monte Rosa and Rimpfischhorn in first sunlight

Matterhorn with earths shadow

Allalinhorn summit

Strahlhorn and Rimpfischhorn at sunrise

Breithorn in first sunlight

Feechopf and Alphubel in first light

Matterhorn in first sunlight

Strahlhorn and Rimpfischhorn in first light

Weisshorn at sunrise

Monte Rosa in first sunlight

Rimpfischhorn in first sunlight

panorama of Mischabel range

view back to Allalinhorn

on the way to to Alphubel

Alphubel summit view to Monte Rosa

summit view to Täschhorn and Dom

summit view to Matterhorn

Glockturm (3355m) - Rifflkarspitze (3219m) - Höhlenspitzen (3202m)

Austria - Tirol, Ötztaler Alps, 7.9.14

Day tour, ascent from Gepatsch, easy climb. Additional climb of Rifflkarspitze, Östl. Höhlenspitze (3180m) and W. Höhlenspitze (3202m).

view to Glockturm

Rifflkar lakes below



Vd. Kendl Spitze (3088m)

Austria - Tirol, Hohe Tauern, 24.9.14

Day tour, ascent from Kals, easy climb, strenous due to fresh snow in N side.

morning view to N

view to Großglockner range

view to Venediger range

summit with Großglockner behind

hoher Eichham

Vd. Kendl Spitze from below

view to Schobergruppe

Block Kogel (3098m)

Austria - Tirol, Ötztaler Alps, 27.9.14

Day tour, ascent from Bichl via  drei Seen, crossing of N-summit (3098m) and S-summit (3083m), easy (step grade II), but very demanding climb due to ice coated rocks from the night, descent via Wilder See.

Gsallkopf and Dristkogel at sunrise


3 Seen with Rofelewand

view to N summit from S summit

Wilder See with view to Rofelewand

Wilder See with view to Kaunergrat range

Wilder See with Plattigkogel behind

Kaunergrat range

Hoher Sonnblick (3105m) - Goldbergspitze (3072m)

Austria - Kärnten, Goldberg range, 29.9.14

Day tour, ascent from Lenzanger, easy climb with a little bit of fresh snow.

Hocharn at sunrise

Zittelhaus at the summit

view to Kleinfleißkees

on the way to Goldbergspitze

Goldbergspitze summit with Hocharn behind

Hoher Sonnblick seen from the valley

Piz Corvatsch (3451m) - Il Chapütschin (3386m)

Switzerland - Graubünden, Bernina Alps, 3.10.14

Day tour, cable car from St. Moritz, climbing the whole ridge with crossing of Piz Murtel (3433m) - Piz Corvatsch (3451m), S-ridge with some exposed steps (grade II+)- Crasta dal lei Sgrischas (3304m) - Piz dal lej Alv (3197m) - Il Chapütschin (3386m).

Biancograt in first sunlight

on the way to Piz Murtel

view to Bergell range

view to Il Capütschin

S view to La Sella range

Piz Bernina

Piz Bernina seen from Il Chapütschin summit

panorama of Piz Bernina range

Lej da Segl

Hohe Dock (3348m)

Austria - Salzburg, Hohe Tauern, 5.10.14

1,5 day tour, evening ascent to Schwarzenberg hut, early morning climb of Hohe Dock, easy climb due to fixed ropes, but icy and exposed near top and 2 hours of mess due to lost track in the night.

at dawn under clouds

Fuscher Eiskar below

first sunlight meets cloud cover

Fuscher Eiskar below

Grossglockner behind

Hohe Dock summit

Gr. Bärenkopf behind

Kreuzspitze (2185m)

Germany - Bavaria, Ammergauer Alps, 12.10.14

Day tour, ascent from Plansee, easy climb.

Riegsee in dawn

early morning fog

Kreuzspitze summit

view to E

Arnspitzen crossing (2196m)

Austria - Tirol, Wetterstein range, 14.11.14

Day tour, ascent from Arn, via Arnsp. hut and SE flank to Gr. Arnspitze (2196m) - Mittl. Arnspitze (2091m) - Arnplattenspitze (2170m), descent via SW ridge.

Easy climb, but demanding due to snow and very icy rocks on N sides, partly grade II.

view to S

Hohe Munde behind, Arnspitzen above

Gr. Arnspitze summit view

Mittl. Arnspitze

view of the connecting ridge to Arnplattenspitze

view back to Gr. Arnsp. and Mittl. Arnsp.

final ascent to Arnplattenspitze

colors of fall

Kogelsee Spitze (2647m) - Parzinn Spitze (2613m)

Austria - Tirol, Lechtaler Alps, 23.11.14

Day tour, night ascent from Boden, deep snow but easy climb and good traces to Kogelsee Spitze and afterward to Parzinn-S flank.

Parzinn Spitze easy climb (parts grade II), but very demanding/dangerous in very exposed north side parts due to fresh and loose snow.

Plattigspitzen in first light

S view to Lechtaler Alps

Kogelsee Spitze summit

view down to Kogelsee

Kogelsee Spitze summit

on the way alongside Parzinn Spitze S-ridge

final part of Parzinn Spitze S ridge, summit cross to the upper right

Parzinn Spitze summit

view back to Parzinn Spitze