Etna 22.4.-28.4.2013

Paroxysm on 27.4.

arriving in Summit area, still winter

wind created ice formations

the 2002 cinder cones

below the new SE crater a small lavaflow

a stormy night with strombolian activity

the new SE crater under a summit  cloud

clear skies above

strombolian eruption penetrating summit storm cloud

sometimes ejecta falling to its flanks

recently fallen lava chunks under wind shaped steam

storm cloud above Valle de Bove the following day

the following evening still strombolian activity

now small to medium ash eruptions from new SE for the coming days

with beginning of Dusk red is visible

the activity stays with strombolian and ash eruptions

due to full moon the ash clouds are easily visible at night

strange symmetry

high ash amount

ash cloud

again another morning dawn

blue hour

fog from summit cloud to the left

high frequency of small ash eruptions

ash and steam plume

slightly stronge ash eruption

view from Montagnola crater down to Sapienza

view from Montagnola crater to Summit crater complex

tourist group walking below new SE crater giving scale

another night with strong strombolian-it looked like the Paroxism will start with high tremor-but it didn't

permanent open lava from one vent illuminates steam cloud

strombolian activity under incoming bad weather

illuminated summit cloud

lenticular shape tells about stormy conditions - a 24h rain- and snowfall arrived afterward

late afternoon on 27.4. - clearing up gives first view int Val de Bove

at the same time the Paroxysm starts with strong gas and lavafountaining

different colors in afternoon sunlight

still some fog below the new SE crater

so the first views are hazy...

dense series of ash eruptions with more continuous fountaining starts

rising ash cloud

fountaining in evening sunlight

ash mushroom

a lava flow moves down the E flank

activity still increases

side blast

lava stream increases...

and partial collapses...

together wih a small fissure opening...

generating local ash fountains...

and starting a Pyroclastic Flow

PF running down to Val de Bove

wide angle view of PF

panoramic view

PF calms down...

but again a series of local ash explosions from the new SE craters foot...

...generates a new flow

perfect light composition at dusk time

the still not very high lava fountain makes up with its outerworldy color palette

surreal color shades above the lava flow

glowing 'mushrooms'

Wall of Lava, standing in 1km distance

bursting magma bubble ejects ring of lava bombs

strong side blast in perfect light


lava bombs hitting old SE crater

long time exposure


another bursting bubble with incredible sound

a second lava flow is winding down the W side

stronger fountaining marks the climax of this Paroxysm, but again fog rolls in and hides view

bursting bubble behind fog

nearly silence on the morning of the following day

walking down to Sapienza...

...shows the many old cinder cones on Etnas flank

Video compilation of Paroxysm