Japan 3.4.-11.4.2012


Sakurajima seen from E-side

sunset with Sakurajima to the right


eruption with high speed lava bombs in front

beginning of strong eruption, lava bombs bursting on flank

ash cloud drifting away

inactive phase with clear crater view

slowly starting eruption


erosion created canyon on flank of old crater

ash eruption above forest

extruded lava block

erosion gullys

view to active crater

last remnant of vegetation

flowering bush giving sharp contrast to the dead lava fields around

Sakurajima seen from W

ash eruption at dusk

full moon night with Orion constellation to the left

normal state - slightly steaming

small strombolian


cherry blossom

now reaching maximum phase

beginning of a strong eruption

beginning of a strong eruption with condensating ring around the crater rim

ash cloud with impacting lavabombs

Ferry to Kagoishima

cherry blossom


war memorial

Kagoshima with Sakurajima behind

small eruption

Sakurajima seen from S

ash warning sign

ash phase with heavy lightning at 9.4. between 19:50h...

sum of multiple exposures

sum of multiple exposures

...and 21:30h

strombolian phase

emitting single lava bomb

small explosion in morning light

high speed eruption with shock wave causing condensation on crater rim


leaving the area - view back