Japan 21.2.-26.2.2013


Sakurajima - active Showa crater while silent glowing

small strombolian eruption at full moon

small eruption

small eruption

beginning of a non symmetric, big eruption

rising ash cloud with strong lightning

lightning detail

lightning phase lasts several seconds

another strong eruption follows


lava bombs hitting the flank

strombolian ejecta filling the whole flank

ash covered cars in the villages around Sakurajima

typical village with volcano behind

sunset colors

beginning of strong eruption, lava bombs bursting on inner flank

huge lava bombs hitting ground

ash cloud follows

another following eruption

lava bombs hitting into the ground

glowing material rolling down the flanks

completely silent phase, warming up


first phase of eruption, shock wave hits crater rim

rim material blown up by shock wave

lava bombs drawing condensation trails

lava bombs drawing condensation trails

big eruption with small pyroclastic flow to lower right

big eruption with small pyroclastic flow to lower right

fallout of ash streamers

often a strong eruption is followed by a second one

Sakurajima semi island seen from E

Sakurajima semi island seen from E

distant view to the Kirishima volcano range

Ferry to Kagoishima

eruption with observers and bay bridge giving scale

locals relaxing at a spa

steaming crater with halo above

near to sunset

silent steaming phase

ash venting for countless hours

ash cloud shape under low wind conditions

after many silent hours a sudden strong eruption generates excessive lightning - what a impressive experience

lightning freezes falling and impacting lava bombs

the rising ash cloud generates further lightning

full moon above


even after 20 seconds lightning is very strong

detail shows different colors of lightning bolts

rising ash cloud hides the moon

morning light

sum of multiple exposures

...and 21:30h

strombolian phase

steam gives contrast to ash cloud

first phase of a strong eruption

following eruption

small explosion in morning light

high speed eruption with shock wave causing condensation on crater rim


steaming away while moon is setting


beginning a impressive series of big eruptions

interaction with weather clouds

packing and leaving our observation site

Sakurajima eruption video - strong shockwaves