Sumatra 12.1.-19.1.2014

Sinabung Eruption

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Pyroclastic flows by day and night

Pyroclastic flows by night, wide view

Pyroclastic flows, heat tornados and lightning by night

farmers on the way from Berastagi to Sinabung

visiting volcanic observatory, approx. 9km distance to Sinabung

analyzing data in observatory

locals watching volcano from viewpoint in approx. 5km distance

sunset from same viewpoint


small PF at dusk

dome growth under full moon night

suddenly a small PF breaks off

moving to south

ash rises due to heat

wide angle view

another hour with steaming and glowing dome

and the next PF breaks off

intense red at its foot visualizes heat

orange color as a result of burning organic matter

typical afterglow of such PF's

later on same procedure with wide angle

wide angle view

full moon and Orion star constellation above

some breakoffs producing rockfall only

steaming dome with growing weather cloud cap

steaming dome with growing weather cloud cap

steaming dome, full moon and thunderstorm behind

PF after moonset illuminating itself

wide angle view with starry sky

southern star constellations (Crux)

PF at dawn

ash cloud from PF rising high

PF activity increases at early morning

PF flow front

PF flow front

this PF traveled 4-5km

the hot flow field generates heat tornados after each PF

wider angle showing many mini tornados

first phase of another PF

heat tornado in front of PF

intervalls between PF's are much less then one hour now

first phase of next PF

PF flow front

wide angle view

PF flow front

bigger PF advancing up to 5km

heat tornado afterward

in the afternoon PF activity increases further

new PF at dusk

front reaches vegetation border

still hot and glowing flow field with new PF advancing from behind

PF with multiple flow fronts, evening 14.Jan.

activity increases further, PF intervall now only a few minutes

energetic PF's generating abundant lightning


multiple flow fronts, note trees in front for scale

due to the dramatic activity a huge ash cloud rises above us, luckily drifting to W

PF with strong lightning, stack of 4 images

the ash cloud rising many kilometers now generates a strong volcanic thunderstorm,

lightning and thunder above us leads to a slightly unpleasant feeling, never been as near to such thing as now

heat tornado activity between the PF's

detail of heat tornado, glowing material circles around in absurd speed

next PF following

it seems that crossing of multiple PF's generates even more lightning

multiple stack of 5 subsequent images shows amount of lightning

wider angle

wide angle view, note church to the lower left

wide angle view, note church to the lower left

red PF footprint, orange burning matter

another flow front, trees are still burning from previous PF

huge PF running into vegetation

another PF with abundant lightning

superwideangle view, but activity subsides now

short glimpse to the dome


glowing PF foot below clouds

unobstructed view to PF footprint

with dissipating ash cloud heat tornados are seen more clearly

fragile heat tornados

even with lower activity the rest of the night some PF's are still underway

wideangle view shows multiple heat tornados above PF afterglow

clear view to PF footprint

at sunrise another PF breaks off

rising ash cloud from PF

low activity phase with steaming dome

detail view of instable dome

after many hours a big PF breaks off

note church to the lower left

PF travelling to more then 5km

PF ash penetrates weather cloud

Journalist hill, main viewpoint just outside risk zone

our more silent observation point in approx. 6,5km distance

starting a short visit to the villages near the PF flow zone

abandoned school

fine ash deposits all around

villagers still underway, inmidst of the high risk zone

graveyard under ash

local farmers around, inmidst of high risk zone

view to Sinabung, less then 4km

after many hours of silence PF's can start abruptly

local farmers with daily work inside risk zone


village inside risk zone

locals driving in and out of high risk zone for collecting their valuables

farming in front of active volcano

farming in front of active volcano

locals collecting at viewpoint

harvest would be usable still, but no one wants to buy

leaves under ash

fern leaves under ash

small, but fast PF

another ashy morning...time to start a short visit into the evacuation zone

abandoned oranges

rat footprints

ash buried graves

devastated farmland

approaching of small PF, even if looking harmless it is not a good idea to stay for long, next one could be bigger...

graves with animal footprints

village in direct line of flow field with PF behind, unbelievable how fearless the locals are under this permanent risk

cabbage under ash

broken roof

volcanic deposits

ash coated motorbike

bike buried under ash

bike buried under ash

visiting Berastagi evacuation center outside of risk zone

local children

evacuation tents

communal kitchen


inside evacuation tent

evacuation kitchen


on the way to Sinabungs E-side, even if out of the PF field heavy ash deposits devastated villages in this area

temple under ash cloud

Pyroclastic flow behind abandoned village

abandoned village with volcano behind

Papaya under ash

Plantation under heavy ash rain

ash covered cabbage

another PF behind

under the ash cloud

tree branches covered by ash

road through devastated farmland

tree skin giving dramatic contrast

devastated farmland

orange tree bent by ash

house and trees damages by ash

house and trees damages by ash

ash coated trees

ash laden motorbike

trees under ashcloud

abandoned village at NE side

heavy ash cloud behind

fresh leave giving strong contrast

broken tree

ash covered village

graveyard under ash

ash covered flowers on grave

damaged school

single banana leave stands out

banana tree

Mosque with collapsed roof due to ash

orange tree

farmland under ash rain

back to now low active Sinabung with full moon behind

now low active Sinabung with full moon behind

steaming away, no more PF's for many hours

still low active Sinabung

Time to visit nearby Sibayak volcano

Sulfur deposits

crystalline Sulfur deposits

bubbling pool

fumarole generating heavy sound

Sulfur deposits

flower on the way back

steep crater walls

on the way back

descending Sibayak

waterfall near lake Toba

waterfall near lake Toba

N-end of lake Toba

N-end of lake Toba

traditional village near lake Toba

traditional village near lake Toba

local women

traditional village near lake Toba

basket binder

Dogs on the way to the butcher shop

stopover in Singapore

stopover in Singapore

stopover in Singapore