Beerenberg seen from Vestbukta Beerenberg summit from W cinder cone in front of glacier glacier view from W Weyprechtbreen and Kjerulfbreen calving into the sea Weyprechtbreen calving into the sea glacier calving Weyprechtbreen Weyprechtbreen Kjerulfbreen panorama of Weyprechtbreen and Kjerulfbreen Kjerulfbreen Kjerulfbreen and SvendFoynbreen Kjerulfbreen Kjerulfbreen gathering of Guillemots young volcanic terrain on NNW coast young volcanic terrain on NNE coast young volcanic terrain on NNE coast active rock glacier, NNE coast Prins Haralds Breen and Frielebreen Willebreen Willebreen and Clarkebreen view back to Willebreen and Prins Haralds Breen Willebreen Cascade above NE coast mid cut through a volcanic cone above NE coast