GREENLAND 2006-2008



Eastgreenland 6.7. - 23.7.2006

-group travel with 3 rubber boats

-Tasiilaq area trekking

- boating with different campsites alongside

Ammassalik Fjord

-three sisters mountain range trekking and mountain climbing


Westgreenland 17.8. - 5.9.2007

-Kangerlussuaq solo bicycling and musk ox safari

-solo wilderness experience around Equip sermia glacier

-Disco Island solo trekking



Southgreenland 14.8. - 2.9.2008

-solo wilderness experience crossing the Tasermiut fjorden mountain range and back

- approx. 180km in 14 days through unknown and unmarked terrain without encountering any other person

-one of my deepest outdoor experiences ever made

-knowingly without any support or radio transmitter